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What would you say you excel at when it comes to your Campaigns?

I myself feel like when it comes to the campaigns I make, I love the combat encounters. I can always get into the flow of the combat and always generally have a good idea of what happens to players if they roll poorly or very well. 

I love to spice up combat by adding role play for the guys as they fight, it keeps the combat much more relevant and interesting for the characters. Though being good at thr combat, I feel like I very much lack in the roleplay side of things, specifically when it comes to NPCs. I generally fumble when it comes to that a lot.


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    I excel at ridiculous ambition and not being able to deliver on it! :drunk: 

  • @brownhair798 I relate to that so hard omg. Anyway I think I do pretty good at rp and just thinking up fun situations that the players end up in, as well as I think, I hope I'm good at helping with lore building.
  • @brownhair798
    One day! I believe in you!
  • I'm pretty good at RP'ing NPC's.
  • I feel like I'm good at planning multiple scenarios. Cause when I plan I think of what I would do if I was a player, and then I plan it out. 
  • I feel im pretty good at writing stories, well at least I hope I am, especially since im working on a project that involves 50+ campaigns @_@
  • I'm currently writing a couple campaigns, I haven't run any yet so I'm not sure how well the balance will be or how my friends will think of what I've written but my personal favorite is the NPCs I've written, I've put a lot of backstory into some that might not even get touched on, but that's alright, I find it fun.
  • Improvisation. Holy shit man I have run entire multi session story arcs based off a single RP joke I made that I just strung together as we went along. I would tell my PC's after it was over that it was all fabricated as we went and they would never believe me. That being said URealms is a whole different beast and I haven't gotten a lot of experience with it yet so.... we'll see.
  • @ExaltedEmm you'll get there and even though the first campaign isn't always the most polished it almost always a lot of fun. Small tip, backstory is important but interesting personality is more important, at least in my opinion.
  • im a descent story teller :wink:  
  • Keeping my players on their toes. I can take the tone from relaxed to tense, or from bad to worse like flipping a switch.
  • @Katetara276 yeah I only give backstory to really important npcs, I agree that personality is the most important and honestly expanding off of random attributes has helped me a lot with that in some cases. 
  • I'm good at getting rediciously lucky when I have to be, I also feel that I'm pretty good at playing a second in charge/command character rather well
  • Improvising, Roleplaying, Voices

    Useless 20s for roleplay, but makes it funnier when it happens.
  • I'm good at improvising. That's it. 
  • Im great at getting destroyed by my players.  ;)
  • As a player I say I excel at using non-combat routes to prevent combat encounters (or at least shift them massively in the players favour) regardless of the setting. For example, I have a psychologist character in a post-apocalyptic GURPS game who sucks at personal combat but, through necessity, is an excellent field commander, super charismatic, and is strange enough that people underestimate him until its too late. I have successfully used a combination of diplomacy, fast talk, empathy, psy-ops, and propaganda to the point where I have actively stolen control of large enemy armies from their leaders and, in a few cases, convinced them to join our faction after my words made them disillusioned with their original cause. It helps that the GMs give roleplay bonuses on rolls if you say things that would actually be useful in that case, because I like to think that I'm relatively convincing and diplomatic when I want to be.

    As a GM I would say I excel at dealing with new situations on the fly and allowing the players to think they're driving the plot while keeping it relatively on track with what I want to do.
  • Personally, I really enjoy describing the settings and how the NPCs look, and at least according to my players I do a pretty good job. I really try to create a picturesque feel to awe my players, since I think it'll leave more of an impression on them later (and I love seeing their characters react to whatever I describe  :3 )
  • While I haven't played URLive before, my previous experience as a DM makes me think that I make 'overall good boss encounters', as well as being good at doing character voices and interactions. I do sometimes struggle with my players being dependent on me to know what to do, and I have a tendency to be too generoud with magic items, but I think I do a pretty good job.
  • As a player, I excel at having fun and doing stupid, out of the ordinary shit. I just do whatever I find funny.

    As a GM, I excel in a very similar way, I try to make sure everyone is having fun and making sure everyone can participate. I will often allow my players to do extremely stupid shit or do extremely stupid shit myself for a small laugh.
  • I would say I definitely have the ability to either prevent, or cause, a total Henderson. Most a player has gotten in one of my games is only a half-Henderson. 

    For those who might not know about Old Man Henderson:
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