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Which two characters do you ship ?

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Welcome ladies and gentlemen.

It's time to talk about love. who is your favorite ship ? And no jmmy, i'm not talking about the bocoe or any of those real ships, we are on the magical forums so of couse I'm talking about the two urealms live characters you want to see as a couple.

Do you want to see more of Gwyneth and Kallark ?
Do you wish that long con conner has some sort of plan to win Jessabelle over ?
Or maybe you are into something more ... unusual ... like seeing Bob and Phineas wreatling.

I'm looking forward to reading your answers.
And who knows maybe one of you actually manage to step into the footsteps of the great Davey “Dave” Davidson.



  • Definitely Gwyneth and Ca'rell. The moment I'd heard about it I fell in love.
  • @Kiko Nice. ( I had to check if you meant Ca'rell and not Khn’n-Rell xD)
  • Jakelad and Mc'coy
  • Gracias and people in general
  • I ship the Boecoe and Colin~
  • Rufio and Gwyneth.... only joking, that's just messed up. Virgo and Phineas  >:) 
  • I honestly can't help but ship No-Eye Bromas and Raynel. It was just going so good, and then... everything happened.
  • Nisovin and Raynel. I know it will 99% never happen, but seeing them together in the Den of Devils casting spells together made me happy.
  • edited May 2017
    Gracias and the numerous restraining orders he's recieved.

    Oh, and uh, yeah, Gwen and Kal pls.
  • Dob and Stick Dick  >:)
  • yessssssss. @Kiko
  • I think I just love Gwyneth in general, but Kallark is also so wonderful! We're about to get more gwynark which is amazing! @brownhair798
  • @snarkyslytherin Yeh... Pretty sure Kallark got my girlfriend addicted to Dwelfs. I introduced a Dwelf sorcerer to a campaign I was running for her, and she just immedeatly went for him like "HI, ROMANTIC INTEREST TIME?"
  • All of these ships are great xD

    btw what happend to Sergio after it didn't work out with Raynel ?
    Maybe he'll tell Jessabelle what happend to her mother (not sure how she is related to morgana) and turn her into his concubine.then there would be a rivalry between Conner and Sergio which would cause a lot of drama. ;)
  • Raynel and Duke Daring for sure because of the chemistry towards the end of Den of Devils.
  • Galen + Gwyneth

    And seeing the new campaign teaser it turns out my shitty investment could finally pay dividends :evilsmile: 
  • most have already been said but might I suggest Vlaurunga and Quintara lotus those arcane eggs happened somehow
  • Galen and Ghana Ens Sin

  • @brownhair798 It was more how you played the character and he was a kobold in disguise you! >:)
  • @Quizicalgin I'm sorry I forgot abotu that part girlfriend unit.
  • @brownhair798 It's ok boyfriend unit~
  • I'm all about any gay ships tbh
  • @snicorn Anything with good ol' genderfluid jimmy blant?
  • @brownhair798 I'm not sure I usually kind of forget about the side quest characters. I feel like Jimmy might be good with Alyssa or Reno
  • @snicorn Oh hell yes. Reno and Jimmy Blant would be a hilarious back and forth to listen to.

    ...Speaking of Reno.

    Reno + Chickenhead
  • @brownhair798 Reno + Chickenhead is my new OTP
  • Is there a unofficial rule like rule 34 in witch there is always a ship for something?
  • What if the two widows Vitali and Alyssa start developing feelings for each other? That might be fun
  • Gwyneth and Kallark are a nice couple, imo. 

    Besides them, I'd like to see Fantastico find someone that respects them. And I... might ship Yumi and Squinks? They should continue being complete dicks together, forever, at the very least. 

    Hm... For some reason I don't tend to ship as rabidly in urealms as much as I do in other things.  :\  
    Maybe I just don't remember enough of the details about a lot of the campaigns to do so. 
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