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Custom Class: Elemeister (Legendary)

edited September 2017 in Custom Cards, and Assets
I classify this class as legendary because someone mastering an element the way I made it is supposed to be rare. There should only be 1 of this class at a table if you decide to use it, and it's assumed you have your treasures hidden until the classes are all picked. This class relies a lot on other player's shops, and just picking this class is already somewhat of a gamble.

As far as a theme for this class, it's somewhat inspired on Nisovin, since he's a master of the Arcane. But that's where the similarities end. With this class you pick an element to be master on, and all spells of that element are naturally way more powerful to you. However, it makes you unable to cast anything else, and when you try to you get punished. There's also a multiple personalities thing that lets you switch those elements around, but you're supposed to actually have 6 different personalities if you decide to pick that skill, so be prepared for that.

Note: All the mastery passives reference "when you cast a spell" but they work just the same for any item with the spell gem. For example, an Elemeister with Arcane mastery would deal 10 damage with arcaneblaster and can also use it as a no-roll bonus action after moving.

Note2: When using bookofcursedspells, consider the element of the spell drawn, and completely disregard the book's element. 

Now, without further ado, here's my class:

custom card custom card custom card
custom card custom card
custom card custom card custom card custom card
custom card custom card custom card custom card

A tabletop mod with this class completely set up and ready to play with the scripted character creation mod is available here:
Just save all the cards and load them again in the character creation, them place them in their respective decks.


  • Dope ass formatting. That was a really clever idea.
  • Definitely one of the better fan-made classes.
  • I love this idea but i feel that you could expand it by condensing the mastery passives into one card, or even removing them and replacing with special elemental spells and just using the passives to show the current mastery, but it is still super cool right now.
  • edited July 2017
    @Caleb_Bomb I'll certainly consider that. The only reason I'm reluctant to doing that is multiple personalities, but I might find a way around it, we'll see. I want to keep it as-is, at least for a month or so and see what happens.
  • I just think that because multiple personalities isn't very attractive unless you have a way to buy abilities from most of the elements, also one thing to add to the risk/reward could be an ability that lets you cast one ability of your element and forces you to cast a random spell
  • edited July 2017
    @Caleb_Bomb ;One part of the high risk is the fact that you don't have many active skills on your own, and you're risking the shop having them instead. But yes, I am considering the change.

    And as for your comment on the multiple personalities, I made a few test character creations with that class, all with different people, and on most the times, people picked multiple personalities. Most spells have dual elements, which makes it easy to get one of each element.
  • It's not like I helped in the development of the class, but I've done some personal testing related to it and it's a really fun, interesting way of working with a character. I genuinely think it's one of the most well designed classes that isn't in the official mod, and I'm really excited to have it eventually show up in one of my campaigns.
  • Thanks everyone c:
  • I like the class, just feels like it does need those extra active spells. You aren't much of a master at an element if you only get one of it. Being skilled requires two. I'd give it something like it actively grants you a choice of one out of three spells when you do something.

    Better yet I'd make the class similar to Spellthief. When you pick your mastery fill your ability slots with spell scrolls, keep all the ones with your picked element. Next combat you refill.

    Maybe clean up the wording on Multiple Personality to make it easier. @Nyss
  • Kinda hard if you only start with one spell of your element, but a super cool class idea!
  • @Raynicorn Being skilled requires two, the passive in itself is one, the spell you get is another. Not to mention that the weapon's attribute also attunes to the mastery, making it 3 for gms who have skilled being 3. So it's almost impossible to not being skilled in the element of choice, that part isn't an issue in the slightest. Also, the only reason multiple personalities is so weirdly worded is spacing reasons. It does a lot and there's not enough space to type it all properly.

    But yea, I'll probably end up changing this class, I changed my view on it a bit and can see it needs some help with actives.

    I'll probably never make it easy for you to have a lot of spells though, it's meant to be a powerful class but hard to make it work, it's meant to be risky to choose this class.
  • Also, for people who think you only have access to 1 spell, keep in mind that with the compass you can buy items from every player's shops, and there's many items that are considered spells, which synergise with your passive. It's not as hard as you may think at the present, though I probably will change that a bit in the future.

    I'm not going to change the mod, but I'm adding a bit of extra text to the compass, saying that you can't break items by rolling a 1, since they're important to make this class reliable.
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