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What Is Your Favorite Campaign Quote, In or Out of Character



  • "god damn cheating puppy wizard" deadbones. Tower of ultimate wizardry
    still makes me laugh today
  • "Oh he is weak little man" - Thea Mazing
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  • "Bad money can't drive"

    I've tried to analyze this so much. I want it to make sense. But it doesn't, in any way/shape/form. Someday I'll figure it out.
  • I'm the Hoggernaut - cain
  • "Clothes are only what we make of ourselves" -Bearo

    A close second is another Bearo quote: "Once upon a time, there was a Moon. The Moon looked down on the Earth and said, “Hey! What are you doing down there?” Then, the Moon sneezed, and out of its nose came two men, and they were named Jimmy and Brian. Jimmy and Brian were really nice people, and they had lots of sweets! The sweets were made of acid; and so when the kids ate them, it made their throat melt, and they died. And the moon said “Oh, my bad, I meant to sneeze out good people.” And so He did, and they were Piemo and Picklesworth, and they had the good sweets! These sweets made the kids even more hungry, and it turned out this was all a scam and the Moon was just trying to sell kids sweets. The End."

    I love me some Bearo :smilebold: 

  • "What about something bad?" -Sly Johnson
    Coe's delivery is what really makes the line.

  • "Knock Knocked up"
    - Coe in  The Sunswords 
  • "I hope I never catch Harpies."
    -Coe in the mid campaign break of Den of Devils
  • WANDA! THE HATRATS ARE EXPLODING! -Vitali (Deadbones) Woodcarvers
  • "I'm sorry, are you immortal? I kinda thought that was my thing as Skeleton King."
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    "I wish to be inside a porc."
    -Professor Duncan
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    "Wanda the hat rats are exploding!" - Vitali 
    • "DUKE DARING!"
    - Whenever Duke Daring does something badass
  • Wrastling has commenced. - Kopie Ren in Kobold Headhunters
  • Jinx, you owe me a coat!
  • "Just ride the assumption horse" - first thing coe says in sunswords 
  • "I play the gun."
  • "Well, like, if we've got two Kobolds and then I could have 2 Kobolds and then we'd have no Kobolds. And then I get to eat the Kobolds, and there's no Kobolds" -Cain
  • "Death is only the shackles we bind to ourselves"
    - Bearo
  • "Thank you for letting me touch you, little boy."
    — Dalfgan

  • @snicorn 'Kiss this elven child!' Is now my go-to line when forcing affection on my friends and family, it's definitely one of the best lines.
  • "I was born in Triton, to a large Kobold family. Got 74 brothers and sisters actually" - "The Long Con" Conner
  • "I'm gonna need you to get hard"
    -Lance Willakers to Deadbone's Daughter
    (Rawb to Deadbones 2017)
  • @TinyBomby "I'll get the hardest I could possibly get"
  • "It is thirty feet in the high"
    -Rawb Gamemastering
  • "It's not water"

    Honestly I'm just gonna post every quote from the campaign here haha
  • Season 3, Episode 1, Deadbones's Character introduction: _________ _ ___________ _________ ____ _ ______ ___ _______ _________ ___ _______ ____ ____ ___ _________ ____ ___ ____
  • "Faceplant off of a couch and live"
    -Roamin when he didn't realize Rawb unmuted
  • @TinyBomby Fuck! I was gonna write that
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