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Origin of Gnomes Theories (now a inside joke as well)



  • The elfs had a tiny children and they started breeding that made more tiny elf intill they just called them gnomes
  • I kinda hope the origin of the gnomes remains a mystery forever, like some kind of riddle for the ages. It's both hilarious and mysterious.
  • I like the theory that the Gnomes are the contingency plan of the Beanu, If they ever went extinct they would release these equally technological creatures to keep their tech alive and continue advancement 
  • @Rein  that is one of the more popular theories, or at least the motion that Gnomes have connections to the Beanu is very popular.
  • I think the reason nisovin has champion's seed is to do with him betting a believer created by someone
  • @@AlternateWraph The Curse of Flesh applied to many of the races of Azeroth (which yes, also include Dwarves).

    Mechagnomes were forged by the Titans to help shape the Earthy and underground areas of Azeroth, as well as provided a means of accessing/maintaining the pseudo-database network for the Titans. Source:

    Rob loves WoW, as do I. I nerd out on the lore, Deadbones style lol. Nobbel covers the WoW Gnomes  rather well here: 
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    I am well aware of Rob's love of WoW (and Justin's love of "wow"), why else would I be making a Time Gnomes reference in my original post? We're going to have to wait till the year 2022 to learn the Gnomes' true origins.
  • Either a wizard did it or my cooler theory, is that the Beenu robots that change races malfunctioned, and made a combination of some races, and a gnome appeared.
  • Maybe gnomes came from the death of phanto. Phanto knew he was about to die and in a final act he tried to create something that is a part of him. He tried to create a new kind of elf but being under the stress of death he wasn't able to finish them and created a smaller version of elves known as gnomes, and the last gnomes to be created where the keens, who were the most rushed creation and were made even smaller than the other gnomes. 

    That or else gnomes are just what happens when a believer infests a spell scroll.
  • i'm sure that rawb and deadbones already have writen the story of the creatiion of gnomes... that been said, i think that the perfect oportunity for slip in the creation of gnomes was in the last campaing when golestandt tried to impregnate deadbones family and rolled a 1... imagine that we witness the creation of the firsts gnomes (wich ended in a entire civilization) just for a bad roll. 
    i really don't think that this could be possible because of what i said before but i needed to share my thought

  • i am now pretty certain that the Beenu are responsible for the creation of Gnomes theory, as pretty much been disproved, as gnomes seems to been around sens before the extinction of the Beenu. and do not show any interest or connections to the Beenu at this point.
  • Either Gnomes came from the future and time traveled back to avoid a destructive future, or maybe quintara lotus created gnomes after her beenu race was destroyed.
  • @AlternateWraph ; I do miss Time Gnomes! Ming did nothing wrong!
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    i hate you @Rob ; ...... all these theories... for nothing!!!! you said "Gnomes have the best backstory. Both me and Deadbones agree it's our favorite one"  but noooo
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    i will not give up @Rob ; , one day you will slip. the Origin of Gnomes campaign will be to attractive of an idea to not explore in the long run. i will wait patiently for in the end i will have the last laugh
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    well there's also a chance that Rob was giving away a bunch of hints in this campaign (Lyn Azveltara Gaidan) to the origin of Gnomes! Lemon was mentioning that he have several parents, like in several dads. he said that one of his dad's knows about fire magic and also mentioned that people of this region knows about the Gnome population.

    not to mention the astral whale thing..... probably Glamourous
  • Time gnoooooomes!
  • Oh my god, what if gnomes evolve in the far future and just eventually make a time machine and come back? Or maybe the whole time gnomes idea wasn't a good backstory, who knows?
  • I'm still a firm believer in the Quintara Lotus theory, because she's the most likely candidate for using her Creation Magic to make them and it just makes the most sense for me. The beenu-gnome connection theory has been around for almost the entire time ever since The Zarlin Catacombs and it feels kinda like beating a dead horse to me.
  • My theory has always been related to the Beenu. Being unable to reproduce naturally, the Beenu decided to genetically engineer their descendants as a new race that can reproduce and retain much of the technological know-how of the Beenu. It makes sense since in the Pre-Birth of Magic campaigns, all of the Gnomish item cards have been the same tech but just explained to be Beenu made.
  • @Rob and yet you have decided to never tell us :(
    Or is that the origen?
  • @Umlaut
    That's the origin. Nobody knows
    Probably because Rob and Deadbones like how people will keep trying to explain it regardless of the fact that it has no answer. Having an answer would be boring because then we know, but when we don't know, Rob just sits back and watches anarchy ensue
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    i think the gnome joke is a bit of a contradiction. if the idea is that gnomes pop out of nowhere and no one really cares about it or worry's about it. wouldn't that mean the joke shouldn't exist? we see elves  show curiosity and interest in gnomes origin to the point that they keep returning to speculating and theories about gnomes through an entire champagne. that shows that they would care about it and probably would research more about it. after all curiosity is the first step to obsession
  • @LexderMob yeah, but they've kept researching and found absolutely nothing, making the phrase 'your guess about gnomes is as good as mine' a thing to replace 'your guess is as good as mine' from our world. You're welcome.
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    Sorry guys, I created the gnomes, I sneezed during the senated of deadlantis campaign and accidentally creating the smaller and smarter version of elfs
  • so in the Sandbolds episode we had an interesting scene with Quintara Lotus, that could be the key to answering the question! she was seen doing something to Liv (Roamin´s companion) and remarked about her feelings about Gnomes!
  • All gnomes are actally just goblins with really heavy makeup
  • Gnomes just popped out of the ground out of the ground. Nobody wanted to take the blame for them and nobody could. Except rokesh the god of the ground, but because he’s so unimportant nobody ever thought about it.
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    I kind of think that all gnomes are children of Nisovin. 

    Quintara Lotus mumbled something about book people. 

    If all nisovins are believers then someone could have wrote a book about him and if he just had children with either himself as a female or just other beings. They would have similar traits just based on biology (short, large brain etc) 

    Then if believers just happened one day then consequently Gnomes would also show up one day. 

    Presumably if a believer has a child said child is not also a believer and as such it would explain why they are not weird with time, but why Quintara said something about book people
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