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Avatar Collection

How far are you guys on collectioning all the avatars? 


  • Ehm... I still only have my first one i bought. Coz I like it a lot.
  • Before the latest campaign I was all like: man, you know what I'll do? I'll just start buying up all the Avatars from lowest to highest cost. But then the Beenu avatars were released, so now I'm saving up for the male. But I do have the past 3 campaigns characters from those rewards.
  • edited September 2017
    So far I've only bought trandon and nothing else yet

    edit: but now im a bird
  • I'm going on a Goatee binge. Got meself a Male Dwelf, Michael Langstrom, and this dohickey. Am currently 4/5ths of the way to Virgo
  • I have Phineas, Borracho, Chilly Wizzy and 8 campaign characters! (Are there any campaign characters from the second one? I didn't get those..) Oh and ofcouse Jimmy the porc :o
  • I enjoy being a regular old Jimmy just like i have always been
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