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Grand Paladin Order



  • I'm so hyped for this campaign holy shit. This video was amazing and I really hope all videos are announced like this, I doubt they will be, but still. The T-Shirt for this campaign looks swell, if you don't remember seeing the T-Shirt you didn't don't worry you're not crazy, but the design was shown quite often.

    Also PSA we got a $2000 donation where we can make a god lady's and gentlemen, everyone pull out your wallets and give up just $2. That's all anyone needs to do in order to make this brand thrive, now obviously don't do it if you can't afford it, but those of us who can... it's the least we can do but donate $2
  • EPIC!!! Great work from the guys!
  • I can't wait! HYPE
  • oooooooooooooooo I'm excited
  • Hmmm, the art for the grand paladins spirit in the book was Bruce. Can we assume Bruce is the original Grand Paladin thus explaining Lance's inclusion?
  • This is really awesome! Great work Rob, Meganzoor, and the rest of the team!
  • @aryava really tho what's more important...

    This looks sooo good!!! I'm too excited for Friday!!
  • Holy crap! This has got me SO HYPED! 

    I'm already in love with snarky Nader being immortal and making fun of our hero's plight's.
  • Has anyone translated the book pages yet? If you don't know how then look at the blood tomes in Buckeroos and each one translates a bunch of the letters in capital and lower case form.
  • Man, this is so hype! I love Lance Willaker's theme, does anyone know what it's called on the SoundCloud? Lance, the Sunswords, the Woodcarvers, the Ageless, this campaign's gonna be awesome!
  • I was thinking the same thing @ronankelly72
  • That was a really nice intro to the campgain, I hope I'm free to watch it live on Saturday.
  • I don't think there is sadly I learn it @snarkyslytherin
  • So, should Galen become the Grand Paladin, or should he assume his place on the elven council immediately? Which one will be better for the realm as a whole?
  • @snarkyslytherin correction there it look at look at the blood tomes in Buckeroos and each one translates a bunch of the letters in capital and lower case form thank you Qazerquoi for reminding
  • edited May 2017
    Check the translation thread
  • Clearing my weekend to watch this live, im so excited :D
  • 5 More Days! 5 More Days and the Magic Begins!

    I can't wait!! Also, I 2nd the "Where is Jormr" question.
  • Super pumped for this upcoming campaign.  Should be able to make it.  Nice belated birthday (Wednesday) gift.  
  • i wonder how the nominees are? i think Galen Lance Gwyneth and then maybe some people we haven't seen yet? this is gonna be interesting to see
  • Damn I'm so hyped! Especially for Lance Willakers and hopefully more info about the Lightbeards
  • Ill be on vaca when it goes live. Hopefully I can set up the stream. Never seen one live before, but have binged watched both seaons a total of ten times now
  • fuck Galen, #notmygrandpaladin

    Anyway, is it possible that Bopen fucked up the spirit of The Grand Paladin?
  • @ofalo ... Oh gosh, I never even thought of that.

    Whoever becomes the GP might actually become corrupted...
  • This is a super classy way to intro a campaign. Major props to the team.
  • Cant wait to see it on Saturday, I'm really hoping the next show comes out after this a week after but I know it's probably not gonna be timed well. :frownporc: 
  • Hype is reel.
  • Haven't been this hyped in so long, it's sooo close
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    Sooo hyped, but indeed, where is Jormr? Might've just cut him out since the woodcarvers are all background characters in the animation away, but choosing to do a shot with both Alessa and Vitali twice rather than including Jormr once has me ever so slightly worried.

    Edit: Nevermind, there's a donation event that mentions Jormr fighting against ageless spiders.
  • Im so excited!
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