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Me and friend looking for Dm and other players

Hello I am a fairly new fan to the series but my friend has been watching it from day one. We are ecstatic that we can finally play but we are both absolutely burnt out from constantly having to dm our own group. We are looking for a dm and as many other players as our dm is cool with. We can't play until after the 10th though as my friend is getting his computer repaired. By the way he will respond on this forum after he gets his computer.


  • I've DM'd a few games of pathfinder and D&D but right now I'm trying to learn how to DM Urealms. If/when I figure it out I might be up to DMing you guys' group if you'll have me.
  • I'm willin' to jump into a game if you need a guy with my particular set of skills.
  • Cool, I am glad to get responses this quick. I am more than happy to work with a newer dm. And what would these skills be Liam Neeson?
  • id be willing to play
  • @shadow990x It'll be nice to sit back and be players AT THE SAME TIME for once, without having to deal with you know who's you know exactly which "campaign"
  • the rail road which I god of war ruined?
  • I've never even played a game before, so I think I count as a ''newer DM''. I would love to try DM'ing, but I can't promise I'll be any good
  • @shadow990x Roleplaying, eating bread, never skipping leg day, and ironically using emojis. If I had a daughter and someone kidnapped her, they'd be subjected to the full extent of my emoji spamming wrath.
  • Damn, I did not expect this to fill up so quickly. So I have a question for both of the prospective DMs. Do either of you currently have games running? and what nights would you be able to run a game?
  • Ok so me and rhydon have talked and we will have pyrokage as dm and after that, it will be in order of comment depending on how many people he can handle dming.
  • I'm willing to try out playing with you guys, if you'll have me.
  • And i do know how to Gm Urealms so i am here if you need me to help side Gm or be a player 
  • I think at this point we are full. Idk who all will be in for players as it will be pyro kage's decision of how many they can handle
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