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we may have made a mistake



  • The idea of ironic justice does not interest me as much as the child.
  • I voted Nay, and reading this kind of made me think... maybe there will be a reason for all this revealed either in the next campaign or sometime soon, or it's just elf racism to a whole new level.

    I believe since Lyn went against the firstborn's orders or ideas, as mentioned at the start of the campaign, it's likely some kind of self-perceived good that ultimately was unnecessary. She thinks it's the right thing, but really it's not, and it's just more senseless bloodshed. The topic of what will happen with her child will either be us letting evil spread, or it will be some kind of justice, since it's quite possible Lyn now isn't going to be on the good side of the first-born elf if she straight up disobeyed him.

    We'll figure out what implications this will bring soon enough... I voted nay for various reasons, not going to talk too much more here, but it is certain there will be repentance for this.

    May the lives of the Beenu forever be remembered.
  • @CanadianCrusader then the goblins have had their turn for the entire existence of their race
  • It's strange how people complained that this decision was boring and yet it is actually the most thought provoking one yet. It goes much more deeper than "pregnant or not pregnant" 
  • @luigiguy098 Exactly. That's three races down, every other sentient race to go.
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    I feel like the divine decision kind of came down to a lack of detail/explaining it.

    I feel like if there had been some mention of "getting a baby after stopping beanus from ever having babies" or something of that form in the divine decision it would not have been such a land slide.

    I can understand wanting to leave the audience to their own thoughts, but in this world with blurred lines sometimes it might be necessary to remind the audience that the people we are watching are not the good guys all the time.
  • To be fair, I was thinking exactly like Rob talked about. The idea of Kohai having a fun goofy kid was extremely tempting, but ultimately I went with poetic justice.
  • if this child follows Lyn's ways and becomes Ghostblade we may have just killed Old Man Willakers
  • I mean, while I didn't want her to have a child because it would make more storyline sense (I mean honestly, you'd think she'd've gotten pregnant by now, what with 'training' all those assassins), I honestly don't think her having a child is going to end well, name one child who's turned out to be a good thing for us to see in Urealms: Phineas is turning evil, all the children from Woodcarvers are either dead or emotionally ruined, Gwyneth's child got murdered before it even happened, and in SOD there was a problem with magical pregnancy, so literally no children have turned out to be a positive. Let me know who I'm overlooking here, BTW.
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    I really have like the roleplay based, slightly meta, serious turn the show took this season. And I voted no for the baby because I figured that this child would be raised to be a monster like Lyn herself. I thought less of ironic punishment for Lyn and more of a slight grace for any of her future victims. Although it would also be interesting if this child gave Lyn more of a conscience, giving her a higher value of life, and possibly through this child feeling remorse for her actions on the Beenu.

    I think one reason the vote so heavily favored the pregnancy is that we just like seeing more characters, and I am excited to see what happens.

    But also I don't particularly care where the decisions go. This is the first decision where I did not agree with the winner, and I have full faith that Rawb will still make an incredibly entertaining story from it.
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  • @Rob Really irks me that so many people voted for giving her a baby without thinking about it. I guess that just makes me one of the few sympathetic old gods. Those poor Beenu being blamed for what those other old gods did...
  • No Old God is sympathetic.
  • From artist to assassin to stay-at-home mom, Lyn Azveltara has done it all.
  • Welp now I know Rob is going to throw some thought provoking divine decisions on us I'll have to think more when choosing.

    To be fair, I did miss the later half of the mission act and didn't get back to the stream until the bath scene.  I wasnt able to see the karmic justice of making Lyn infertile.  That said, I'm not sure if I would have changed my choice if I had been around to watch that part of the stream.  I feel as if the added relationship of a child of Lyn and one of her assassins would be a cooler future plot point than the karmic justice.

    There is nothing I can think of that could justify the genocide of the Beenu race, even thinking them to be reasonable for the Birth of Magic.  I wish they had been seen as the sentient race they were rather than as vermin like rats, cockroaches, and goblins.
  • I'm just gonna put my two cents in here and say that the reason i want Lyn to have a kid is so that the kid can get murdered in an extremely graphic and uncomfortable way that she's forced to watch as a payment for her crimes. 
  • @Rob I just want to say that you are actually pretty good at words as long as you dont have to say them out loud.

    And im innocent because was taking a shit and missed the divine decision
  • I mean these are the same old gods who killed the sun god Phanto and created the birth of magic, the root of all pain and evil in the world. I don't think the old gods are benevolent.
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    fwiw, I voted yes, I figured if nothing else then maybe she would chill out, maybe actually realise the value of life and such. Just because you are a assassin doesn't mean you can't come to realisations such as that.
    Also concider: Gods (in general, not just in URealms) have a twisted sense of what is correct. Read mythology, sometimes they do things just to screw with the people. Old Gods, in basicly every situation, not that diffrent, we're just here for a good time. Just saying, if *I* were a god of the Dead and gone, and reincarnation were possible? Totally sending a newly Ex-Beenu with some memories deliberately left intact to be that new baby. Would the child grow up to kill her because of the old memories of being murdered by Lyn's Assassins? Would the child actually show her that she done screwed up by wiping out a entire race and guilt trip Lyn until the end of her days? Or will the child just zone out occasionally, eyes dead, and stare Lyn right in the eyes, "You killed me, mother."
    Half the fun would be seeing that one end result, and there are many more, yea?

    Even if that wasn't possible, there's no reason why the Old Gods, or even people who disagree with what Lyn did, should they find out, can't guide this kid to be something better. No need to assume that it's going to be straight up evil as soon as it comes out of the womb, ya know?
    That, and Lyn's a assassin, no reason why we can't have another situation where someone catches a knife to the gut. That'd teach her to murder adorable Beenu childrens!
  • I didn't personally vote, I never watch live as they normally start at like 2 am for me. In terms of the decision I would of made, simply put I would of gone Yay, why? Because I am more interested in the child, I really don't care much about the morality of this choice, while yes this show can make me sad, it can make me feel things, watching the Beenu being killed was horrifying, it was dark, gruesome and awesome, however that wouldn't have affected my choice, why? Because I want what I think would be the most interesting choice for the story and I think the child would be it, and I'll be frank I might be a dark individual but I want to see more moments like the Beenu being killed, yes it is dark, but it makes great stories, so yes, I will gladly take innocent blood from this world, as that is what interests me the most. Now that is not to say in future I won't care about the morality of the future, particularly if characters I love are involved, as they are the ones I want to protect, they are the ones I know and the ones I want to see punished. I will say, if the choices were closer in interesting story potential(And yes I know Rob makes them both so they are both interesting, but I didn't see the second option as interesting, it simply wasn't, to me it felt like she would basically be the same and nothing much would change) then yeah I would go for the punishment option, she deserves it, but I care more for the story then punishing someone
  • I can't wait for the campaign where they turn against us.

  • @OldFredBear For who to turn against us?
  • @Maris Yes, all of them.
  • Keep in mind, who the other parent is likely makes a big difference in how the child is raised. Somebody like Blackwind or the Queen of Blood as the father/mother (magical conception ftw) means that we'd likely get the evil child.

    Personally, I think the father is Spiff's character, and was decided by the bath scene's meta-card bet. I wouldn't put it past Rob to make a sneaky reward and then say "Do you guys not get any meta cards for this?" (either on purpose or because Rob is forgetful).
  • Have pregnancies in Urealms ever worked out positively? Trying to avoid spoilers as much as possible though there is some. There is what, 5 people we have seen pregnant in Urealms (counting the pet)? 3 died, 1 lost the baby and the last is currently ok but things could still happen to them. Even if something bad doesn't happen, children also seem to have a pretty high fatality rate or at least get messed up in Urealms. Though I may just be remembering all the deaths because those tend to be interesting. It really seems to me that her getting pregnant is a much worse punishment than her never getting pregnant at all. It could give her great joy but it seems to me like giving her this could easily be a set up for a much worse punishment than her being infertile.
  •  I would have voted against Lyn being able to become pregnant, just to spite her for what she did to the beanu (?) population. A person of her actions should be brought to justice, for effectively sterilizing a whole race (I know that the elves had no clue that the Old Gods killed Phanto, but she should still be brought to court for disobeying Leomaris). Now, I cannot wait until we see Lyn's death.
  • To be honest at the time I didn't think choosing "no" would make her infertile. The question was "Should Lyn Azveltara become pregnant" not "Should Lyn Azveltara become infertile"
  • I voted yay.
    -I don't get why everyone is denying fertility to an evil person.  That seems utterly ridiculous.  
    -I don't think having a child is automatically a bringer of happiness anyways.  It is simply what occurs when a woman has sex.  (especially that often and with that many people, even with contraceptives a lot of times)  I doubt she would really want a child.
    -Do you realize the potential for a character who has such a screwed up family?  Two genuinely evil radical assassins as parents?  I don't know about you, but even as an amateur writer, I see interesting plotlines over the horizons all the way from here.  Everything from a Daenerys Targaryen to a Luke Skywalker.

    (same thing I said in other threads)
  • @Drapperbat The decision was pregnant or infertile not just whether she became pregnant or not.
  • Sometimes I forget not making a choice is itself another choice. Something to remember for the next campaign. Shit is deeeeep!
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