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Campaign Thread: Azveltara Z



  • I was confused with the Order of Chaos at the end does anyone really know what all the weird order of chaos was about like the blood wall and the weird voice.
  • @neonkerm
    What's all this about the Order of Chaos? I saw no mention or reference to them throughout the twitch vod.
  • If you saw that red symbol, that's the symbol of the "order of chaos" as far as I know.
  • Absolutely loved how Roamin and Rawb just did commentary at the end. I think talking on the whim is Roamin's specialty. Great Campaign! 
  • Great many people have pointed out the ending wasn't as spectacular as we are used to, however the campaign as a whole was still very entertaining
  • Why did the elves think the Beenu killed Phanto? I don't understand why Lyn( who looks like a smart enough person) would just murder a whole race over assuming they killed the sun? I don't know if there was any proof or suspicions that the Beenu were responsible. Maybe Lyn felt threatened by the Beenu's technological advancements and just used the excuse that they killed the sun to make other elves feel like it was ok. 
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    @CanadianCrusader That's just begging for a DragonBallZ joke somewhere
  • @Laffety Look closer. The hype level has already exceeded the capacity of 9000. meaning IT"S OVER 9000!!!!

  • To do be honest, I got pretty terrified. Before I thought Beenu died slowly of old age and eventually all of them died out, but no, there was a systematic genocide of their people. And my badge that's says I killed phanto makes me feel terrible now
  • I liked the individual parts of the campaign, but it felt a little disjointed to me as a whole. The puppet work really contributed a ton to the atmosphere in the game.
  • @luigiguy098 I thought they were just killing all the Beenu of that facility and that there was other Beenu who would still live off the silver and they just kind of took over he facility...why else would Lyn poison the silver? They die off because they use this silver and probably lose access to it as they can't bread and gather enough resources to maintain it. 
  • I get why some people didn't like the ending, but I personally thought is was a unique and funny thing. Maybe it was drug on for a bit too long, but honestly I could listen to Roamin banter with people for hours... which is kinda what I did there. I hope that those fights are released in real time too though, because i'd like to also hear the players' though processes through the fights, and just the chaos in Spiff and Milbee's fight.
  • I am dead, Coe's pun killed me.
    7/7 Would not understand meme again.
  • Yunno, in the 'trailer' when Phineas says "Hurry up grandpa you're gonna miss the show", does that mean Bopen is there also watching Azveltara Z?
  • @Razgrey Really depends as that part of the story could be with him and Virgo before he died.
  • Spiff is a wonderful addition to the cast and I really liked how Rob is working the music into the show more. I was really bothered by how cruel the party was to the beanu which was sorta the point. Art is great as usual and liked the drawings during the Tournament of Power.

    My only real complaint is I think the Tournament of Power went on a little too long. It was still funny though.
  • Caynon Nailo huh?
  • Had perfect timing with the new comments.

  • @zorkkoi  nice one dude
  •  This campaign was excellent, and I enjoyed Spiff's performance in it. I miss Roamin's play style,  but I liked how Spiff wasn't afraid to project her character in certain lights. Coe's character was the best this week, by far. Brutally murdering the beanu (?) had me questioning the show, and I felt the same terror I did when I first played "No Russian". Overall, an excellent week, and I loved this campaign.
  • I loved this campaign. It was great and I re watched the whole thing over the past few days, watching the normal speed, not prerecorded tournament through today. One thing I hope that gets added is the cards we got from this campaign, which I'm pretty sure is just the new race card into the tabletop mod. I'd like to be able to write campaigns with potentially using Az warriors as a part of it.
  • @luigiguy098 Most of them did in fact die out. Lyn just killed all the people who worked at the Dragon Silver facility.
  • @Rob  most. wink wink
  • @Rob that makes me more upset in some ways.
  • I was very impressed by this show, Spiff did wonderful, as did the rest of the cast. Personally, the slaughter of the Beenu impressed me, simply for how dark the scene was. Not all stories can be happy, and not all have happy endings. I'm glad this show has some of those darker moments, as similar to real life, good things don't always happen. Thank you to everyone involved for this show, it was another good one! :)  

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    Personally this one felt like a weak campaign to me, maybe it is unfair to do so, but comparing the first three campaigns of season 2(wood carvers, Okagnoma Guild Hall, and Murder Bros)  to the first three of season 3, the older ones just feel better(Though grand paladin order, and everything before the senate part in senate of deadlantis I really enjoyed), probably nostalgia talking for why I see those past three being so much better. Dunno, I just didn't enjoy this one,but I'm no doubt in the minority of viewers because I'm pretty sure most liked it. I hope to see Spiff in a campaign that I like, because she was a nice addition. Either way I can't wait to see the next one.
  • Good campaign! I get why some people didn't appreciate it, but I sure did. Was so tired at the prerecorded part (european) so it allowed me to go to sleep and catch up with it the day after.
  • @Rob  Guess one could say that Az Rawb'd them of their lives
  • You know this is the first time i really felt the party was truly evil. I mean i know they did some evi stuff before but what they did to those beenu though, the cast did an awesome job though cant wait till behind the scenes
  • Man I can't wait for the Nader's Recap of this episode in the future. Gonna be bloody hilarious. XD
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