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The Secrets of "Tears of an Old God"

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Recently, Rob released the eerie song from Azveltara Z that was used during Act 3: Tears of an Old God. It's an interestingly creepy tune that piqued my interest when I learned it was 22 minutes long. Given the length and the slow sound of the song, I decided to speed it up and see if it created anything. After changing the tempo to make the song 77 seconds long (For the memes) this is what I got. Although it doesn't sound perfect, it proves that Tears of an Old God is a slowed down version of another song. Does anyone recognize it? It doesn't sound like anything on the Soundcloud currently, so it could be an unreleased track. What do you guys think?

Here is another version that sounds better at 90 seconds long. Although I still don't recognize it, I think it's a pretty good song and has a completely different mood from Tears of an Old God.

Drive Link

Ballad of the Beenu?


  • I wouldn't be surprised if this gets used in a campaign in the future, because it does sound like a very good and exciting song.
  • Yeah, thats a good song, I don't recognize it, and I'm not about to download some app to try it with.
  • Are you able to listen to it without downloading the app?
  • yeah, just press the link and it'll take you to a tab asking you to sign in, press the 'x' on the popup, and then press play on the music. This only works on computers though.
  • @Qazerquoi You don't need to download anything on desktop. I put it up on dropbox because I thought that was the easiest way to share it. I'll upload it to google drive and share it there if you need
  • yeah i heavily recognize the sped up  version especially the start... im just trying to remember what it was it gived me slight pmd vibes but i doubt it
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    thats what tears of an old god sped up is
    goodbye my friends
    this scared me
  • @flamingrubys are you referring to the song on the URealms playlist? They sound somewhat similar, but this song seems more tense, while that one is somber and has the old URealms theme
  • yes but im saying it right now it has to be it
    a good example (smite me gods above for mentioning this game) 
    is undertale the waterfall theme when sped up has the temp of another song aka spear of justice there were one or two differences but it still sounded the same
  • @flamingrubys Hmm... I'm not really hearing it
  • A leitmotif, perhaps this song will be used somewhere by the end of the season, like in a donation event. I would certainly love to see someone rolling a natural 20 for this song to play or for a character who needed redemption making the ultimate sacrifice with this.
  • I just rewatched the unexpected discovery campaign, and the ghost beenu mentioned a way to get to the moon. The song could be fitting on moon wellpass.
  • @Derpfestor Seriously, it's an epic song. Surprised it hasn't been used already
  • @coolethanps2 It will probably be used in the sped-up variant soon, hopefully! Perhaps at whatever season finale, like I said. I can't wait for it to be used.
  • @flamingrubys Undertale is a pretty cool game if you can ignore the people that hate you when you don't like it as much as them.
  • ya know... the 77 second version actually sound kinda chipper. ( -v-)b thanks for the edits
  • All the hidden secrets rob puts in this fandom is just amazing
  • Alright, I'm going to unofficially officially name this song Ballad of the Beenu. I think this song fits well as a Beenu theme given its mysterious feel and almost mechanical sound. However, that very well could just be the distortion caused by slowing down the song and then speeding up. Anyway, for now I just want more Beenu
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    I'm loving this song, if used will be one of my favorites for sure. I dont remember who rob pays for music but they dont get paid enough

    Quick Edit: Also I can tell by the sound of the sped up version that it definitely was edited after slowed to sound more eerie and sad. If I'm right, I really can't wait to hear the normal version!
  • Wow. 22 minute version is the 'extinction of an entire race' but the 90 second version is almost like the rebirth of it. It's like in Anime right after the final boss is defeated and the darkness fades away, it zooms out to show the prospering landscape and the hope to a bright future. Quite incredible!
  • I remember first seeing this thread and naming the sped-up version "Cheers of an Old God" in my mind. It's been on replay in my head all day today lol
  • time for a relisten, cause ya know...

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    This song has actually been used a bit for some of the campaign announcement vids like in the second half of The Hunt Begins. Its fairly eerie, and I like it
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