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Are you pro-elf?

edited August 2017 in General Discussion
Personally, I hate elves. They try to act all high and mighty just because they've been around for some time, but honestly I'm getting pretty sick of their supremacist attitude. We all know that Porcs and Goblins are the ones doing the real work around here, and I say that we make the elves pay for what they have done. I call on all non-elves to join me and wipe out these fools once and for all!

edit: hello this is Rawb editing this post. I changed the title because "Are you racist?" isn't a really good thread title.



  • It's not racist if it's right
  • @Duffin Hate to break it to you, but you seem to be rather elfin in nature. Pointy ears, tall stature, condescending glare. Hmm...
  • @BewareTheDragon Uhhh, hahahaha.... Whaaat.. Noooo... You need to get your eyes checked dwarf. We must band together as one!
  • @Duffin No, I'm pretty sure you're an elf. I mean, you clearly aren't a porc or kobold, and you're too tall to be a dwarf or a gnome.
  • @BewareTheDragon Well you have a stupid haircut, so there! Now we are both in the wrong!

    I think my argument is leaving me. 
  • @Duffin I'll have you know this haircut is all the rage in dwarven society! All the generic dwarves have this exact same haircut!
  • @BewareTheDragon It looks like your blind mother cut it for you! Why don't you tell everyone about her "mining accident."
  • @Duffin As if you know any better, you snotty elf! If you were to go into battle with hair as long as yours, you'd wind up with half of it pulled out and the rest used to tie up what's left of your head!

    And don't you talk about my mother!
  • I am no such thing as a an "elf." I've never heard that term in my life! Is that some sort of derogative  term for Kobold, which is what I am, of course! Yep yep, what say you to that?
  • edited August 2017
    i used to be a pig. and even i can see that @Duffin is trying to play for two teams at the same time
  • @LexderMob ;Unbelievable! Now my own kind is turning against me? Look at my piggish nose, and I have the snaggletooth of a real fighting Porc! I am one of the most well-renowned and feared Porcs in the world! Don't question my intentions.
  • For real though, I don't hate elves, maybe it is partly because I haven't watched season 1 where they were apparently more racist and acted more high and mighty or something, I don't know. From what I have seen in the most modern version AKA GPO, most elves, while yes a little arrogant aren't that bad, outside of Kobolds, who dwarves hate just as much if not more, of course that is not to say that elves weren't racist in the past, just look a Lyn in the most recent campaign, and some of theat still comes through but nowhere near as much
  • one of the most well-renowned and feared Porcs aa, there are no well-renowned Porcs. because elves keep taking the credit for our hard work. you good sir are a liar!
  • @Mortem You do have a very good point. The later we go in the timeline, the less arrogant the elves become. And it does make a lot of sense. They've learned humility in the centuries after the birth of magic, and they've accepted the other races as equals.
  • @BewareTheDragon Thanks for agreeing with me, I think they are a little arrogant still, but to be honest I half expect that, elves have way more experience then almost any other races so it is understandable
  • @Mortem It's just the natural progression of society. Look at earth: as time progresses racism and segregation becomes less and less prevalent. Granted, it's still there, but it's not the societal norm anymore.
  • @BewareTheDragon Agreed, outside of Kobolts it seems, and even dwarves hate them, may I ask is there a reason for this?
  • @Mortem On a meta level, the dwarves vs kobolds thing probably comes from the original Unforgotten Realms.

    But let's be honest, them rock-eating savages are nothing more than a nuisance. Just dig up a rare ore-vein? There's a kobold there, trying to eat it before you can bring it home. Disgusting things.
  • @Duffin Dude, not all elves are bad people.  
  • @BewareTheDragon Oh I agree absolutely! Nasty creatures, bite at my nice clothes!
  • I'm not racist, but those dwarves really gotta get their shit together. Bunch of lazy bums is what they are.
  • @Mortem  @BewareTheDragon  We'll see who's talking when you dwarves and gnomes are digging rocks for us. Beware, for the kobold revolution is upon us.
  • Is ageless a race?
  • @CanadianCrusader Haha! Yes my friend!. Us Kobolds will rise up against all races, and prevail as the champions of the Realm!
  • Is mayonnaise a race?

  • I find it hilarious that the instant one of us changes avatars, this whole argument makes no sense. @Duffin @Mortem @CanadianCrusader
  • @BewareTheDragon Well no matter what my avatar is I think I've almost covered all bases as I have stated that I am Elvish, Kobold, and Porc. Which is definitely all true.. Heh..
  • @Duffin we don't have anything ageist interracial families here
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