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Why the Beenu Are Being Killed



  • You guys are rocking out tonight. Man it's such a pleasure to read all your thoughts on the greater picture like this.
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    If you thought a group of people killed your chief god, and sent another into a state of insanity (and they're undoubtedly real in this setting), as well as ushered in an era of sorrow, chaos, and severe suffering (killing something like 80+% of your people iirc) etc, destroying your utopia, you would be pretty merciless and cruel to them.

    Message to anyone who dislikes elves now:
    (do NOT make this political, just drawing on real world examples)
    It would be irrational to me, to hate every German because of Hitler and the atrocities he committed. The actions of an Elvish head or king do not reflect the entire people, even when there are people who are forced to carry out these orders or get caught up in the emotion and political atmosphere.
    It would be irrational to me, to hate every Muslim because of the acts of various terrorist groups for the past few decades.  These Azveltaran are clearly cut from a different cloth than the average elf, and even their rulers.  They are to blame for this senseless genocide, not the entire race.  This can also be said for all of these other plans during the modern part of the timeline.

    No!  This is not bias towards my favorite race in pretty much every fantasy setting!  Shut up!
  • My Theory that will connect the following all together; The Birth of Magic, The Beenu, The Elves, Bopen, Old Gods and The Azveltaran.

    It all started with The Elves before the Birth of Magic, treating the Beenu has a lower and inferior race to them, most didn't like the Beenu since they weren't Elves. Thus, when the characters who explored the Great Hall in the Unexpected Discovery and had the Beenu explain how they Whoopies accidentally killed the God Phanto, they technically did but not the Beenu's themselves, no! It was us who killed them, they even knew of our existed when that War Elemech starting speaking a crpyted message. The Beenu know who were the right gods, The Old Gods, they wield an absoluble power but throwing gold to watch them dance.

    During the events of the Birth of Magic, When Phantos actually died and all the elves started dying, it was right for them to all die, it was purging of the Elves who didn't believe in The Old Gods, it was a disaester that could of been avoided, even Naders told his brother, they shouldn't mess with the Old God, that they should listen to us, when Borris Cobbler had the Dreamweaver Vision. The Elves chose their divine decision and chose to not following us Old Gods, which if you look know, this is what happened to the world.

    The Azveltaran is an extremist group with the task of protecting the "realm" however they have a massive bias view of racism towards all other races. As we all saw in the Azveltaran Z campaign, they happily genocided a group of Beenu who can't fight or can't defend themselves. Tbh, the Beenu were our favoured from the beginning (*Disclaimer*: You all have an valid opinion of what race you like, but from a Lore P.O.V we favoured Beenu, in my opinion), since the beginning of the Urealms. This act that The Azveltarans did was one of many that caused us early Old Gods to reaction, irrationally I say.

    This irrational decision was the forming of Bopen, created as a weapon to punish the Gods of the Realm, the remaining dragons that live and exist, even during the Senate of Deadlantis campaign, Bopen hinted towards the idea of slaying Golestandt himself. However us Old Gods didn't see the fact that Bopen would go around killing the Mortals or Forcing them to join the Ageless "Curse", thus the divided between all of us Old Gods arose.

    For what happens next, no one knows, however all we can hope for the good to win and the evil to lose, along with the following trends: #BringBackTheBeenu and #SaveTheBeenu
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    @MrAnything01 ;
      interesting theory. I would love to see a campaign( without or with donation unlock campaign) where the guys are playing Beenu trying to survive in a super secret Beenu base with other paranoia Beenu. Or trying to find a solution for the Beenu e
    xtinction. Or something like that. Now we have seen a campaign with Beenu, I have hope that some of them have survived. And the Beenu race isn't totally extinct
  • If any Beenu are going to survive, they will need the Old Gods to save them (via Donation Event).
  • Hey whats this "we" I didn't donate to that event. Not all of the old gods wanted Phanto to die, however I do I wish I was able to donate to that event because I wanted the cool accolade. Still though only a subset of us or the old gods were responsible for his death. 
  • I believe the next campaign is called the great purge so I suspect that we'll be able to save a Beenu for a large donation event at the end making them a playable race for a campaign in season 4 
  • @Adsein I think it's more likely that the great purge campaign will have more to die with sandbolds than beenu based on the elven text at the end of the campaign 
  • I'm happy I refused for the accolade
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    @Godbrothers ; this campaign would probably still have happened if the Phanto wasn't killed by the old gods.
  • @Adsein or maybe the guys are playing some beenu characters in the next campaign, and that's another reason why six drew the male and female beenu (so that they could be used as the artwork for the beenu race card)
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    What would be the beenu passive if they do make it a race? Ideas?
  • From my point of view the reason why the Bennu arew being exterminated because the Elves want to irradicate all non-Elves.

    Beenu were merely the first. They'll move on to the Dwarves. Then Kobolds. Then Porcs.

    It has nothing to do with Phanto (except perhaps that Phanto's death brought death to the world).

    Even if the Beenu weren't being blamed this would still be the Elven plan.

    Lets face it. Here, Elves are basically Nazis. They're purifying the world for Elves.
  • @Simona ;
    The Beenu race passive would either be technology-based or appearance-based.
    I'm guessing it would either be one of those or a combination of some of these:
    • Flight. This passive is especially useful when you're indoors.
    • Passback, before it was cool.
    • Acquire several random Treasure Abilities.
    • Item Abilities and Consumables cost less. The Beenu rely more on tech than innate ability.
    • Your Treasures never break on Critical Failures.
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    @Simona I was thinking either something that has to do with their wiNgs (they can use them to attack or defend or something) or maybe they could start with a special Elemech companion since they're no longer available for normal characters.

    EDIT: wings not wigs lol
    Also I like @knguy 's idea of treasures and items costing less
  • Or have the option to play as doomed? ;D That would fit.
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    @knguy @Simona I was just also thinking about it. and I think it should sound something like. "Your wings gives you the ability to fly. Give you character the flight ability and one random treasure"
  • @Volastern - Don't forget to add Ageless to that roster! 

    To all the rest, the world is seemingly massive. We don't have a clue how large the Realms are. However, as you could expect with the rise of multiple hominid races during our earlier evolutionary periods, THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!

    It is within our primal nature to snuff out what we view as "lesser races". Sure, there were multiple contacts between the hominid races, and trace DNA evidence shows that they even intermingled for sexy time. 

    What I'm trying to understand is, during pre-birth of magic, was the entire mass of the planet traveled for already? Or did everyone kind of stick to their geological boundaries with no need to venture out further? Also, one could equate the Birth of Magic event to the Bronze Age Collapse event.

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    @Weslid I  don't see the Passback passive see by a Beenu race. Items costing less I like, but as long as it 10-50% reduce the cost
  • @Simona that's evil >_<
    Especially in the next campaign where they have to roll an extra dice at the start of every round because of the rain... I like it :evilsmile: 
  • @Volastern I'm quite certain that the elves would have a very hard time killing off the dwarves with Bruce around...
  • @Spacewalker ;
    I would love a Beenu Campaign. However, knowing on how the story is going and what I think they are going to be doing. I highly doubt that they will.
    Yet we all know, that the power of donations can make us Old Gods do anything as well please.
    I understand that not all Old Gods don't and wanted to kill Phanto, but in my theory, it is more of a lore point that involves us then excludes us
  • 100% what i thought during the campaign. the event where we locked the doors was also very sad because it made sure that all the beenu in the compound died.
  • worth it :\ :peace:  ;)
  • I mean It doesn't matter anyway they are not People, Coe got a bonus 
  • The thing is, Phanto would have died anyway. It was up to us whether or not they were innocent.

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  • @Dorian probably because the elves dont understand benu tech, as it was around way before the birth of magic and that the benu probably invented/discovered dragon silver. For all they knew the benu could have sniped Phanto with a silent giant gun. Thats obviously not the case for real, but Lyn probably saw them as a threat because they were an advanced race.
  • @Dorian uhhh, Cause Coe got a bonus ?
  • @Dorian There is no Lore right now that says why Lyn did what she did, but there are enough clues to start piecing together some fan canon. I think you discover the real story in Tower of Ultimate Wizardry since Lyn will be there.
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