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My Custom Meta Cards

I came up with a few custom Meta Cards today, and decided to share them here.

custom card
Before anyone says anything, Rob's Meta Cards do not include a card for Kobold, Templar, Sandbender, or Lumberjack (although there ARE generic "pick any class" and "pick any race" cards, which are jobpreference and specialadventurer).

EDIT: On a side note, I find it strange that the Sinner gem is in the Card Creator, but not the Meta Card option? Having to change the URL or Forum Link to say type=meta is weird.


  • I feel like Psychology Expert could be split into small ones that group together some attributes.
  • @UnluckyBimi True, but Rob already has historyexpert in the game, which allows any Cornerstone. Psychology Expert is just an extension of that. Rob's version of a Meta card that affects Attributes (which I do believe is called dominategenes) works similarly to the Keen passive (allowing you to pick from a selection of 3 Attributes).
  • Ah. I personally prefer cutting it down to a select few, or more random, since that way if a player has those cards without limits they can go "Haha! I can do this one thing for sure now!" and it's fun putting them out of their comfort zones a bit.
  • @UnluckyBimi Rob's Meta Cards seem like they're somewhere between "more balanced" and "more OP", with some cards allowing you to choose "any X in the game" unless Rob says no, and others narrowing the selection down to a handfull, or giving you random cards. In general, about half of the 28 cards (not including levelup) seem to be more balanced stuff like "choose bonedancer, cabalist, deathknight, or fleshweaver" and the other half is more OP stuff like "choose any weapon" or "you all get 300 extra gold".
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