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What race do you want to see more of?

Which race do you guys want to see expanded and developed next, as currently it seems the focus will be the elven families and their enemies?! I'm a kobold man myself, but wouldn't mind some porcs too.


  • Yeah kobolds and porcs definitely up there. 
  • on a side note anyone else tempted to rewatch all the previous episodes because they love urealms and feel they need to be fed more?
  • I would love to see a few new races tbh. I doubt we will, but it'd be nice. 
  • Oh yeah, but I think for new years they are streaming all the campaigns on Twitch. Waiting for that. @DarkMotron
  • @Raynicorn I kinda want to watch them all in chronological lore order
  • Ooooooooh that sounds pretty fun. Kinda hard for the vague ones though. @DarkMotron
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    Goblins and Hobgoblins. We need them to come back in Playable Card Form!
  • @friskyBrisky ;
    I miss them too. I've always been hoping that maybe they could come back as a special or legendary playable race. But I can understand why we they aren't anymore but I would to at least learn more about Goblins in general.
  • are goblins still a cannon race?

  • @DarkMotron Goblins are still Canon. Hobgoblins appear to have been changed into Darken Hobgobos, but regular Hobgoblins might still be canon.

    I'm hoping this Great Purge Campaign focuses on the Goblins and Hobgoblins, and that the Rules of Purging don't apply to Goblins for a variety of reasons...
  • Kobolds, goblins, porcs, maybe benu so I could have access to a vanilla race card for well uh... reasons <.<
  • Surprised no one else has said Gnome, I personally really want to see some of the earlier days of Gnomes, to get a better idea of where they came from.
  • I think it would be interesting to see this purge not go as planned (assuming its an elven purge on another race again which I feel it may not be considering we just saw the start of one) I thought of the idea of and attempted purge on the dwarves or gnomes where which ever was purged the other would attempt to save(if that made any since once so ever) though I don't think it will happen as this would sour dwarf/gnome relations with elves considerably

  • At this point, anything but elves. It feels like they get so much focus compared to every other race.
  • Kobold, We have not had a kobold only campaign since season 1.
  • i really want a Kobold or Porc lore campaign. There's a severe imbalance between those two and the other three main races.
  • Funks, not looking for lore in particular, just want to see more funks... (#Biased)
  •  I really want to see another Porc campaign, where they go in depth on both kobolds and porcs.
  • I want to see a campaign in New Pork City. I know it was a joke, but it would be really cool to see Porcs as a society instead of just the strong, stupid people we know them as.
  • I'm still waiting for the BEE RACE from the lore stream. /s
  • Kobolds or Dwelfs. Love me both of em.
  • I want to see gnomes and keens. Maybe an origin story? WHERE DO THEY COME FROM??? Also gnomes and keens are lots of fun at character creation, I love seeing lots of cards, which those races do...
  • There has never been an all porc campaign, Unseen rogues was all dwarves, Okagnoma guild hall was all gnomes, Kobold head hunters was all kobalds, and we have just had two campaigns of all elves. I want to see an all Porc campaign one day. Maybe in New Porc City.
  • Really just hoping for some lore on anything but elves

    At this point the only elves that are still potentially very different is the Lotus family

    While there are generalizations that can be made ie Berringsters are trash theres not much difference in the cultures appearances and technologies of the elves.

    Gnomes and Beanu are both clearly decades if no centuries ahead in their technology and yet Gnomes seem to be culturally the same as Elves based on every character we have seen so far outside of Nisovin. 

    High bears are still apparently immortal and have a god that seems to live among them yet so far we have only really seen them as an obstacle to the cast despite their equivalent intelligence.

    The dragon aspects and Vlaurunga's brood are largely on the same level as High bears in that they are giant grand forces above the normal people of the land.

    We don't even know how intelligent Vlaurunga's brood is considering that Daragor in DvZ was able to talk which could mean nothing considering DvZ is non-canon, but could also still end up being the same meaning that dragons are intelligent. 

    The dragon aspects on the other hand are seemingly completely out of the picture when it comes to interactions with the lesser being of the realm. Before the birth of magic Golestandt interacted along with presumably the rest of the dragon aspects, but now only Quintara and seemingly Ouro'ras have any sort of interaction.

    We have no clue of how any of the dragon aspects act appear or even interact with their followers. Yvander emits permanent ice and is off alone in Ursazoll allegedly to be closest to Phanto. But do they enjoy being alone? We have no idea as to if they actually want to be secluded or if they just avoid mortals for fear of harming them. While the dragon aspects are literal gods of the realm its also been shown that they are not unfeeling, yet we have learned less about them than drugs the inhabitants of the realm use.

    TL:DR I just want to learn about the dragon waifus of the realm.
  • Kobolds, Porcs, Gnomes or Dwarves 
  • Beenu because its clear that not all of them died just by old age and lack of birth. Like yah lots would die off because of that but its not like 100% of Beenu were killed by that so that would mean that some are ether still out there or were killed by something els. Also Kobolds. Kobolds would be good too :3.
  • I always liked dwarfs and kobolds. I'd love to go more in depth with them like with elf. 
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