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Campaign Thread: Azveltara Z



  • I loved this campaign. The artwork with animations and puppets was spot on. Some really funny moments. I can understand people being upset about nothing after the videos - even I was expecting something with all the creepy sin stuff. But that, the divine decision and beenu becoming extinct may have set it up for interesting future campaigns. Looking forward to the behind the scenes.
  • Loved this campaign, everything from the animation to the puppets to...just..everything!! While for a lot of people the ending wasn't too great, and I'll admit, it wasn't the best, I personally found it hilarious in an ironic kind of way that there was all this build up for an advertisement at the end.
  • I havent seen people talk about it much but i think the puppets this week were really good as well as the general roleplay. I think Spiff did an amazing job for her first live show and personally didnt mind the ending like alot of people. All in all It was a Pretty Solid Campaign imo.
  • Well Anime week really lived up to its name Rob all the hype for this show was utterly deserved... Probably my third favorite campaign ever with Murder bro's in first and Senate in second. Keep up the amazing work Rob, your awesome.
  • I love 99.9% of this campaign. The characters were great. The cast was just as good as I hoped and I think Spiff is an amazing addition to the team. Only thing I wish had happened was some sort of live stuff after the recorded bit was over. It left an otherwise amazing campaign feeling kinda empty. Other than that though, probably one of my favorites 
  • Loved the campaign. Great work guys. 
  • This campaign was fantastic, you can clearly see all the insane amount of work everyone put in and I thought it really showed and made for a really cool and different show. It's a little disappointing to see everyone focusing on the ending when there was hours of great content that came before it. Hopefully it's mostly reactionary and people really see how fun this campaign was.

    I mean, it's not like we were promised some deep story and loredumps. The preview promised silly anime-style humor and action, and we got that. Props to the guys for trying something new and interesting.
  • It feels like there's so much more to this campaign that I'm just not getting.  

    Spoilers ahead.  Don't spoil yourself on this one

    This feels like a psychotic break.  The extreme violence and drawn out excruciating execution of beenu innocents begging for their lives.  It was kept dark and presented in a simple but calm manner by rob leaving the viewer with no relief from it.  Cut to break sharply.  Come back days or a week after that event.  Sex, jokes, and very interesting elements come in.  It's players we are familiar with and no doubt miss.  The viewer is trying to slip back to familiar settings and distractions.  Cut to break again.  When we come back, it's a slightly offputting sportscaster discussion that goes on longer than expected.  At this point it's almost dreamlike.  When the normal game resumes we are fully distanced from it, watching it from the viewpoint of the sportscasters.  The fights are all bloody and viscous but miraculously no deaths.  In fact, there's no hard feelings at all.  The characters all build some kind of respect for each other despite the horrible mutilation.  The sportscaster setting begins breaking down.  The feed cuts in and out as we drift fully away from the reality of the show.  It even breaks down around the most lethal of attacks.   

    It's not the player characters losing their minds.  This isn't a dream at all; it's normal cannon.  It's the viewer as a character that's lost it - the Viewer who is referenced as a manifestation of the Old Gods.  Of course we in the audience have not lost any bit of our sanity and no doubt enjoyed this show as much as I did.  What has instead happened is legitimizing the character we are portraying.  The one between the real players of the game, and those of us watching at home.  That Viewer character got too close to the show, got too emotionally attached, and had to distance itself behind proxies of sports, commercialism, and familiar faces.  By the end, it's so far gone the plot of the show is entirely lost.  There is no wrap up, explanation, or even a cliffhanger for the meaning of the tournament or consequences of earlier actions.  It's just over and done.  

    Well that's the best I can make of it, but I'm just not happy with that answer.  It feels like I'm overthinking it out of a need for closure.  Maybe it really is just an avant garde anime parody that ends on a joke staring us in the face the whole time.  

    Rob if you're reading this or decide this is too much waffle to read, I have to say this was a great show.  I missed hearing the rest of the cast during the last part, but as a one off oddball sort of thing this hit the mark.

  • This was amazing and this is the first campaign I've ever got to see live instead of through Youtube. I'm glad I got to see it and see everyone LOSE THEIR GOD DAMN SHIT at the end of the campaign. I made my vote so I hope we get to see how things end with that.
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    I personally loved this Campaign. The jokes and comedy were hilarious, the combat was perfect, and I thoroughly enjoyed the relations between the Characters. Also, Spiff was awesome, and she's a great addition to this series.

    I do wish that the ending, with the distortions, mad whispers and the Sinner Image did build up to something, but I still love stuff like that. It's why I liked the Beannu Doom Box in Unexpected Discovery. I'm certain that it's related to the Tears of the Old Gods Donation during the Beannu massacre, and that we might get it's pay off next Campaign.

    My only complaint, and it is small; I was promised Nisovin for the ending Pre-Recorded Side Campaign. Nisovin was not anywhere there. I was thinking Nisovin was going to talk to the Sports announcers after his defeat, at least for one fight, but he didn't appear. I do hope that, at the end of Season 3, we get to see the Side Campaign at normal speed without Rob and Roamin's commentary over it.
  • So was the cut-off ending to fit with anime week? Like how some anime just end after the first season after eluding to more story. If so, props. That's some damn good writing.
    Anyway, other than the ambiguous ending the show was great with lots of new and creative stuff going on can't wait to see more!

  • I really liked the campaign, (I even thought the ending was pretty funny) but there wasn't a satisfying conclusion to the characters' stories. The tournament was cool, but we didn't even get to hear the characters speak after the bath segment. So the last we really heard from the characters was in service of funny jokey filler. I would have been fine if there was like, some pre recorded ending where the characters spoke at all, even a minute long interview with the round's loser and the commentators, but it just kinda cut to black. I hope the sidequest can kinda wrap up the story. Anyway, I still did enjoy the campaign. Everyone's characters were funny (and kinda horrifying) and the first hour alone I think is the most I've laughed at any campaign.
  • @asd258 I viewed it more-so as the typical "shounen anime suddenly has an extended tournament arc" that pretty much always ends with just... "someone wins". Nothing else changes, just... someone won. Story just picks up and goes on in the next episode (/campaign)

    Like in Dragon Ball, Yu Yu Hakusho, Hunter x Hunter, etc, etc, there's hundreds more examples... In anime fighting tournaments, you may get some character development and maybe someone dies along the way, but usually those things could have been done in a different way and in 10 (or 40) fewer episodes if it weren't for the tournament setting.
  • I could not make it for the whole thing but what I saw of the seccond act was hillarious.
  • I liked the campaign it had a strong beginning and middle but the end was kinda a wash for me but not for the reasons others seem to have. I was fine with the spooky build up to nothing I found it funny. It was the whole prerecorded commentary that I found weird. Don't get me wrong Roamin and Rawb were funny it just felt weird the last act had none of the players during the campaign talking in it. Not that I thought the ending was bad but it wasn't on the same level as the rest of the campaign. I am looking forward to the youtube side quest showing the raw footage of the tournament since I honestly would have preferred just the combat of the tournament with none of the color commentary but I am a weird boi who likes Urealms combat especially PvP. Still its cool Rawb is trying different things to make the show better and I liked the concept of a fighting tournament like in Dragon Ball.

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    I don't want to say this was my favorite campaign because it just came out... but it was my favorite campaign, pretty clearly beating murder bros and TSK. I absolutely adored the characters (except while they were genocidal), and this was a very impacting and important campaign. 

    The characters were great, Spiff's seemed slightly less well played out, but she's new so she gets a pass. Act 1 was a fun RP bit, which I'll be able to rewatch lots. Act 2 brought us back to sneak week almost, which I liked, and also kind of a demonstration on how they'd play in real combat. Millboar saving the day was also funny and great. Act 3 was disturbing, which I think is good. This is the first time Urealms has made me tear up, like I was fine when Roamin's daughters died last campaign... that was messed up @Sixelona ;
    i think something people miss is that the player characters this week were bad people. They had a bond with a ruthless assassin queen and did not have a problem with purging the lesser race. The reason we liked them is because the players made them likeable for the SHOW. If Roamin's band of thieves acted like general thugs, it wouldn't have been as fun, same thing here. It was gut wrenching but necessary.

    The tournament was fun to me. I didn't like how the commentary didn't line up with the background tabletop play, but I can imagine how difficult that would be. I loved Roamin introducing a sponsor joke after the first fight and the jingoism, it was pretty great. The bei mei xhirt joke was good, but I'm yet to understand the 7 joke, which is fine, I'm sure I'll have a laughing fit when I do.

    Overall probably the most unique and best (Maaaaaybe beat by Deadlantis) campaign, the only thing I could have wished for was maybe a point at the end where the commentators interviewed Coe. But as always, rob made a great campaign. Thanks a ton!
  • The manga was better.

    Really though, pretty good campaign.
  • Such a fantastic campaign with so much effort put in, and it all really paid off. I was floored by how much you guys did and enjoyed every minute.
    I'm actually gonna make a new thread just dedicated to my favorite parts in the morning but for now, just... thank you, Rawb, and the whole gang.
  • I liked the art, animations, characters and cast. Didn't care for the no roll kill room. The sports commentary was neat at first but then continued into the actual pre-recorded fights. Not being able to hear the role play behind the actions led to a disconnect with the characters and the desync between commentary and events hurt the segment a lot. It only became enjoyable when I just listened to it rather than watch.

    I like that you're trying new things, some will be a hit, some will be a miss. Keep up the good work.

    Also, I think they said there was originally going to be back to back campaigns which makes me think the next one is/was going to be a direct continuation of this story line so maybe that's why the ending felt abrupt. Just part 1 of 2 maybe? If that's the case Haunter should stick the JoJo to be continued outro at the end of the last episode for youtube.
  • I greatly enjoyed this campaign. The first 3 acts were awesome but i could feel the tension in chat about the kill room; that shit was crazy and a bit over the top. I loved the tournament and am aching to see where all that sin stuff leads
  • An amazing campaign. The art, the players, the characters, the plot, the events, etc. was pretty awesome. I would like to hear the actual side quest instead of the announcers though. Although the end felt pretty flat, it was definitely one of my favorites.

    I have voted against the majority for all of season 3 and I really want to see the minority to win at least once.

    On a different note, Coe's spirit animal will forever be Snakes. Snakes are now part of Coe just how it is always his Birthday. Seriously, he has 4 characters involving snakes in some way (Snakemaster James Briggs, Deputy Sly Johnson, Borracho and his new character Queen of Blood Bae Mei Xhirt). 
  • Thank you to everyone who put so much effort in this campaign. You gave loads of new energy to the thing we already love. I greatly enjoyed hearing Spiff as a new voice! :D
    And I want to encourage all the players and artists to keep making bold experiments with campaigns like this. In my opinion URealms Live was made possible by trying something new in the first place.
  • The campaign it certainly did feel very different from others. It was a nice campaign but different not entirely sure if it was a good different or a bad different, feeling it's a 50:50 really.

    I liked the idea of how the tournament of power format was but more as an alternative to Naders Tales rather than during a campaign especially since the fight between Blackwind and Bruce almost felt for the most part scripted since it took very little time and only a few rolls with no real explanation(understandable to what we had seen before) as to how Bruce someone we saw earlier take a much larger pounding than what seemed to happen in that round. I personally would have preferred to actually watch the fight.  

    It was however a fun format to listen to in general especially in the fights involving non-legendary figures. wasn't the best to watch but when I stopped watching and just listened it became much better and 110% worth it. Why I believe it might work better as a Naders tale alternative for campaigns that might work better to have the summary delivered in this format. 

  • NEXT TIME ON  Azveltara Z

    The arc continues! More flashbacks! And everyone's favorite side hero makes an appearance! Why do the assassins mindlessly follow their master? Who will slip up? Who will oppose them? 


  • @CookiesAndMil_  I think what will happen is bopen will come in but I don't he he's dead even though Lance said he was.
  • I'll be honest, I came expecting a rather cringeworthy and boring campaign that I would just leave mid-way compared to most when I saw Milbee was a part of the cast again, as I didn't exactly enjoy his previous appearances to put it lightly, but this time, he went above and beyond and actually suprised me in a good way. I found his character to be rather enjoyable and bringing alot to the campaign compared to FoD. I also found Spiff to be a rather enjoyable player to the table, and hope to see more of her too. Glad to see N1sov1n isn't the only one with such horrendous
     luck. Deadbones played the edge-lord great. Loved how he utterly -annihilated- Xavius at the end, and Coe was just downright creepy for his character. So props to him for that bit.

    While overall the campaign wasn't my favorite, it was a rather nice change from the norm, and i wouldn't mnd seeing things like this from time to time.
  • I don't know if this has already been mentioned, but I personally LOVED the fact that Justin came on for an act, definitely one of the highlights of this campaign for me, along the great puppet emotions. Such a surprising and hype moment.
  • My poor heart during the kill room. Somebody think of the children!
    Coe and Milbee were stars this week and Milbee and Spiff's character dynamic was gold.
  • @Vilmar_Reliner
    Why do the assassins mindlessly follow their master?

    Isn't that obvious?

    ... It's because of all the Friendship.
  • I really dig how Xavius lost the first fight, retroactively making him the Yamcha of Urealms (He's even future ex-boyfriend material!). I was disapointed to learn that a Barringster won a future tournament, but I was won back when it was revealed that memory altering magic was used during it, allowing for some ambiguity.

    @Junkhipster ; Right, mate. Rob sending in celebrity guests completely blew my mind, I don't know how he got the guy behind Tuesday Talkstuff to do a scene.
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