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Millbee Is A God

Did anyone else notice that Millbee's headband is a tiny pig?


  • Haha, wow I didn't notice that! That's some pretty clever character design! I have to say that I really liked the puppets this week.
  • @LadyOutlier The new version of puppet pals has really allowed for some fantastic puppets.
  • @RenAFK Oh definitely! Puppet Pals has always been the most interesting element of Urealms to me both from a technical standpoint and a storytelling one. Seeing it grow and develop from Season 1 is absolutely incredible. Puppet Pals is just a great way for a player to be creative and establish their character's personality! Maybe by next season, Puppet Pals will have some way for players to interact with one another better. Like animations for shaking hands, hugging, kissing, and whispering in another player's ear. Now, I think that would be a really cool edition!
  • @LadyOutlier I feel like puppet pals will be one of those things that is constantly growing with each season. The difference between season 1 puppets and season 3 puppets is like night and day. I'm extremely excited to see where else it goes. Maybe we'll get proper animations, digital dice, or even  multiple puppet control.
  • Assuming That Lyn's child is his, which is the most likely out of those lot. Imagine the child.
    If luck works in kind of a Danganronpa sense, then that child will have the impossibly luck of Millbee's character along with the actual strength of Lyn. If thats the case this shild could prove to be less of a Lyn plot devise and become more of a Key Elven player with superb strength, Especially if Rawb custom fits the child's abilities to suit the parents themes.
  • I think that Millbee did really well with his puppet continuity this week. The fact that all of his facial expressions also had versions where he was in the pool is something that I would expect from Coe, so the attention to detail was something that made me really smile! Especially since he had one for when his imaginary telepathic doggo was in the tub.
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