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Translation of Elvish at the end of the campaign

(translation of the first page)
the sandbolds took control of the tunnels i cant rememeber the exact date geeze you really just never trust any of my numbers as my memory just isn't what it use to be anyway the sandbolds took control of the final talon as the facilities left by the beenu were still in near mint condition and in many ways it was the sandbolds who were truely the first servents of the olds gods even if they never fully understood the masters they were serving
the irony of it all though was that in by serving the old gods all they did was ensure their destruction when the old gods summoned their first divine oh come on now you cant complain about spoilers when you translate what i say if you wanted to stay ignorant then you should of that before we started of course the order of chaos killed the sandbolds

(translation of the second page that had the picture underneath)
final talon post birth of magic


  • Damnit, you beat me to it. I literally just finished transcribing. Good work!
  • "all they did was ensure their destruction when the old gods summoned their first divine"
    Could this be referring to the first divine decision by having Gwyneth chosen? Does this mean Gwyneth is going to destroy the sandbolds?
  • "when the old gods summoned their first divine"

    I think that it may refer to the Divine we are supposed to make in the 11th campaign that we donated for.

    This divine if I remember correctly was supposed to be linked to the Order of Chaos, so the 11th
    campaign may be about how the Old Gods created this Divine that killed the sandbolds with the Order of Chaos...
  • So, the Order of Chaos killed the Sandbolds?, That's interesting.
  • Unfortunately we will almost certainly not get 11 episodes this season, we might not even get 8 at the current rate, so the Build-A-Beast *cough* I mean Divine might not even happen
  • @Murlin22
    I don't see what's stopping this Season from going into 2018, just because the others didn't dosen't mean this one can't.
  • How'd you translate it 15 minutes faster than I did??? jeez louis
  • @Murlin22

    Maybe this campaign will not be the 11th if there is less campaign this year, but I don't think Rob would cancel a campaign we donated for...
  • @Domokl Rob said in a behind the scenes ( not sure which one ) that even he thought they might not be able to finish the season on time, The problem with them running over into 2018 is that it would delay the making of season 4 dramatically rob himself said they wanted to do one season a year but then again rob changes his mind frequently and I love him for that so I could just be straight up wrong 
  • @Dalard true I just don't want anything rushed, Rob is at his best when he's put as much effort in as he can, same with the rest of the amazing people behind the scenes like Haunter, Six, Lilly, Niso etc 
  • @Murlin22 Rob also said on twitter that the Build a Divine campaign has to happen because it was donated for, so if anything gets cut it would be one of the 7 ideas he has left for this season. 2 of which have immunity, being The Great Purge, as it being next and Tower of Ultimate Wizardry: Chapter 2, having Lyn be a player character due to it being donated to.
  • @Dolfinmaster ; that makes sense 
  • I find it a little odd that the Beannu Laboratory is known as "Final Talon". It's a very odd name for a race that named one of their buildings Zarlin. Maybe it's called Final Talon because it was the last place the Beannu could live in peacefully after being blamed for the Death of Phanto. Or it could be an Anime Reference going over my head.

    Still, that's pretty interesting stuff there...
  • @Murlin22 Don't forget about the sandbold campaign that was promised during the Skeleton King, making 3 campaigns that have immunity.

  • @friskyBrisky there's a complicated board game called Talon and it's basically a spaceship strategy game not sure it it's relavent at all
  • @Murlin22 well i mean wasnt there a theory that the Beenu wanted to kill the moon (then sun) dragon, so spaceships mightve been in the works 
  •  "oh come on now you cant complain about spoilers when you translate what i say if you wanted to stay ignorant then you should of that before we started

    Damn, talk about meta!
  • Order of Chaos killed all the Sandbolds? That makes some sense, considering that the Sandbolds have time travel, which while it is a great way of making new Order of Chaos members through Sins, is still dangerous for them. Honestly I think the only currently living Sandbolds are the ones from TSK and Maelstrom, since he used a sandbold illusion before.
  • @thenerdatschool
    Maybe the Beenu wanted to kill the 2 sun dragons since they were basically invaders in their land. The Beenu were there before the sun dragons came, so they were basically occupied by these near immortal Gods.
  • @Zuliancy thats different because it was mentioned and didnt have a donation that effected it, while the 3 ive mentioned did. That one can happen later on if needed. It was a donation to happen, but it didnt say when. Craft a God said added to this season, The Purge said, the next show and ToUW2 said this season as well. The 3 from last campaign said in season 5 so if anything needs to be cut there when we get there, the 2 we get cant.
  • don't worry guys, the only shows we would cut are ones we can push back to other seasons anyway.
  • Does this mean my main man Maelstrom is gonna die??? :(
  • @AstoraI I don`t see why the Order of Chaos would kill him considering that he is part of the Order of Chaos.
  • @GravelTheBlock ;@Astora ;

    If anything, Maelstrom probably sold out his brethren (the Sandbolds) and completely gave himself to the Old Gods and Chaos.

    This revelation that the Sandbolds were deep into the Old Gods a) complicates Bopen even further (if he were created by Chaos, the Sandbolds probably wouldn't do much to mess with him), and b) probably means the Beannu were worshipers of the Old Gods first.
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