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For every one saying the divine descion was pointless

Ya'll are forgetting this show has multiple campaings, we've brought a new character into exsistence, just cause it wasn't releveant to this show doesn't mean it doesn't matter


  • kinda enthralled who the parent will be. Maybe Millbee since I think he had the most sessions?
  • I just hope the kid doesn't end up like Damian Wayne from the Batman comics. That kid was annoying when he first appeared.
  • I still think the Divine Decision was to determine Ghostblade's backstory. Her getting pregnant means the original planned lore is being used. Her not getting pregnant would mean that the shore elf was actually Ghostblade as the fans brought up as a possibility. 

    Tis my thought at least.
  • All of the other divine decisions were explored at least a little bit in that campaign.  The campaign basically ended after the divine decision.
  • @Zeklo t'was what I was thinking as well
  • @Qazerquoi Hey weren't you the winner?
  • @Qazerquoi Ey gratz, it will probably mean something later in a future campaign so don't feel too bad.
  • @greenpear I think it's unfair to assume that as a precedent, though - we've only had three divine decisions so far. We've only really seen our choices taking place in campaigns so far, the real effects of any divine decision have yet to really been explored at all.
  • @Qazerquoi I respect your discion but I really wish you said she didn't get pregnant

  • The Divine Decision was not pointless if i recall the next campaign is The Purge and could play a part in that one.

  • @WwWwW_734 100% of the time is enough for me to make assumptions.  We explored the other ones at least a little bit, but this one not at all.  I thought we would learn something about it.  The chat was also filled with people asking if there would be more after the pre-recorded stuff.  People said there would be, and not one person who actually knew what was going to happen responded.
  • @Qazerquoi
    Make sure to pm Rob, he'll give you a link to a document for making a character for your custom avatar!
  • @ZombieMonkey7 Why would I feel bad? I chose that because if it is ghost blade we could see him grow up maybe, and since he's the son of Lyn Azveltera if she dies he might be heir to the leadership of the Azveltera family.
  • @Insane2201 Damian Wayne was and continues to be my all time favourite Batman character. I am one of the few that enjoyed him from the beginning.  :)
  • the divine decision this time has a ton of effects on the show. it has the possibility of introducing a new character down the timeline. it also has an effect on the characters shown in this campaign as well. whoever the father of the kid will be will most likely play a part in a later campaign at the very least. not every divine decision has to be some grand choice that has an affect right off the bat. 
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    I completely understand that the Divine Decision will be used in future campaigns. That's how this show works. Lore created in one campaign gets woven into others. However, I still understand the feeling that the choice was pointless. Like what @greenpear said, the other divine decisions were at least touched on in the same campaign usually on a meta level. This would give us some hint as to what the decision means and shows that our decision has been acknowledged. Having the divine decision be the climax of the campaign feels very anticlimactic to me. Not knowing anything about what this choice means makes me not really care about it currently. I leave this campaign with less thoughts circling my head. I'm not creating theories about characters or plot lines based off the divine decision. It's like seeing that that one Facebook friend that you haven't seen since high school just got pregnant. You think "Oh, good for her," and keep scrolling.
  • @Caprikel. What should I say?
  • @Qazerquoi Oh wait I was thinking you were saying "I was thinking as well" to the thread title itself, my bad ignore me.
  • @Qazerquoi
    When I messaged him I basically congratulated him on how great the show was, and mentioned how awesome it was to be chosen in the divine decision! He then pm'ed me back and gave a link to the page to submit a custom character to be made for the custom avatar. Also SugarSmear will likely pm you as well to make a drawing based on a cutom character you made.
  • @greenpear I mean, in GPO the divine decision was not explored at all, literally all that happened was Rob saying "Gwyneth will be the next Grand Paladin" and then the campaign moved on.
  • @LadyOutlier Divine Decisions are about creating special moments for single fans of the show. It's okay if every single other fan thinks its stupid, because for the one fan who gets to make the choice it's such a cool part of URealms!

    Anyway I have nothing to say about the Divine Decisions as I never want to give you more clues, but in the future it will be fun to talk about past Divine Decisions and what they meant. Each Divine Decisions requires me to create 2 separate paths for what I feel are big deals to the overall universe or fan service in some ways. No matter which option you choose, hearing the other one will always sound very interesting as well because in a lot of ways divine decisions are now the backbone of the show. 
  • @Rob Fair enough. In that case, I look forward to being able to see the effect of this Divine Decision and reflecting on its impact to the Urealms universe.
  • Who knows? Maybe the choices have already mattered and it just hasn't been clear yet. We know choosing The Law would change the story, and i'm sure it has changed minor things so far, and I'm sure some normal donation events in the past have changed everything and we didn't even know they mattered. And this latest one might have just added the existence of a character, perhaps a character that we'll meet later on, and we won't even know depended on that Divine Decision.
  • one other effect of the divine decision is that while she get a child from one of the players she can also have children in the future
  • @WwWwW_734 I wasn't expecting full exploration.  At least her saying she was pregnant or something.
  • @RenAFK I used the wrong word.  What I meant was the show had more live stuff after the divine decision.  
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