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Is the chat off?

Nothing is showing up in the urealms chat for me. Is it broken or something?


  • it's in subscriber only mode
  • Besides refreshing the page. I dont know what would help.
  • I don't think chat works on mobile ether
  • Found the issue. It was my adblock blocking chat
  • @Lone Glad you could figure it out.  :)
  • Time to find how to disable that on mobile
  • Why have ad block in the first place? These guys make money off of ad revenues
  • @Viizko Pretty sure they make money off of the donations, not that much off of ad revenue. Pretty sure donations are their main source of income.
  • @TheGravyNator by "these guys" I meant anyone who uploads on YouTube. Either way you are right, the show makes money from donations. And the show improves off of donations. The guys get paid because of the show. And most of them have regular jobs as well I'm pretty sure. But my point is, ad block is greedy.
  • Yeah, that's right. I honestly use it myself, but for channels I really care about I feel like buying merch or donating is more useful. But yeah, it is kinda greedy. You're right there.
  • @Viizko I don't like ads so I use adblock. I choose what I want to support by donating my own money towards it.
  • @Lone YouTube red supports every YouTuber you watch and you dont get ads. Not to mention on mobile the videos continue to play when you open another app (for most phones, can't say if it works for all) and you get access to YouTube music. Its a better alternative to ad block if you ask me. Your choice in the end though.
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