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How Long Have You Been With Us?



  • is guudewillies kil?!1?21? @Dweebdude
  • guudewillies is never kill!234!24!!!!2! @Zephyr ;
  • @Kapu I also go back to the old DvZ days, I think 2012 maybe? I'm bad with dates, it all blends together. I came in around the time when they made the vids with Pause where they put him in prison. I remember watching them before I left for middle school and would finish them when I came home. I think that was seventh grade. I'm currently at orientation for my freshman year at college. How time flies. 
  • I watched Rob's Unforgotten Realms and some of his DvZ streams while crafters were in the game, I've followed him off and on again since then.

  • @Dweebdude I havent heard guudwillies in a long time.... since before the war.
  • Been a lurker since Newgrounds times.
  • i found rob via dvz like early early days im talking bloody BUILDER days i think that was 7 or so years ago? fuck i cant remember
  • From a year.
  • Since the days of Playmindcrack
  • I've been watching since I found these badly animated yet really funny videos on New Grounds called Unforgotten Realms.
  • My friend introduced me to DvZ during the Gym days. I didn't actually watch Rawb until Nuren and I have been hooked ever since.
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