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Campaign Thread: Azveltara Z



  • uhh, First 
  • I'm so excited! This will be the perfect kickback this weekend after my first week in college. Go Millbee!
  • Anime campaign hype!
  • Certainly going straight into full on anime styles aren't they, it's gonna be real fun to watch tomorrow for sure :D
  • I'm so hyped for this campaign that I'm gonna watch it live even though I have to get up super early next morning. (I'm european, so no sleep for me this weekend) 
  • hype and hopeful atlest i can do the dived desertion before the power go out X_X
  • So much hype for tomorrow!
  • Oh God Millbee has a suicide move and there is a donation event that resurrects people. The second that goes off he's going to use it as many times as possible.  
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    But cash, it wouldn't be his ultimate move if he spammed it 
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    i am so hyped for the show
  • Millbee is my favorite anime.

    More seriously though, this is going to be so good. :drunk: 
  • Calculating hype level: 
       Calculation complete: Hype level = 9367/9000
    Warning: Hype level exceeding capacity 
       Releasing coolant...
    Process incomplete: Error code: ep0
  • Millbee creates another classic character already. 
  • This is going to be a pretty great campaign, I can feel it.
  • @discardedcash Millbee can't spam it, it's a limited ability =) 
  • God I hope Millbee uses the Shezaite as the person talking for the dog. Millbee being so stupid but this Shezaite is some how bound to him. But Millbee won't listen to her. So she got the dog and now pretends the dog talks, so she can talk Millbee out of the stupidest ideas. I know Millbee will do something off the wall crazy. But as soon as they started talking about the companion I spent the rest of CC hoping someone would float this idea. 
  • I am beyond HYPED for Milbee's character.  :)
    Can't wait for the show!!!
  • I'm so hyped!
  • I love it how they all have Anime tropes that they can use
  • Forgot to mention that we now know they're going to poison the Beenu. Is this what wipes them out?
  • @mondrae205 possibly didnt think about that fact :O
  • this is gonna be fun

  • Sadly I can't catch it live. :angryfunk:
    I'm stoked to see more of Millbee's characters,  
    I'm liking Spiff so far, she seems like she fits in the group well and those voices were great :oh: 
  • I feel like this is the perfect cast for this style show. This will be perfect to watch and listen to while making a Hanzo costume

  • I'm hyped for Milbee being back and having a new player at the table!
  • Imagine a series that's just Millbee creating characters. His process of making characters is so fun to watch.
  • @Azurillkirby
    Welcome back to another episode of: Millbee's Creation

    Today, Millbee will be choosing between an Elf, Porc, Dwarf or a Black boar, let us see what he chooses...
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    I really hope Coe manages to become the main character of a harem this campaign. With charm I could easily see him coming across new opponents with cool new swords that he wants to gain only to charm them and realize their sword sucks. Eventually causing him to have a harem of people with lame swords
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