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massive campaign project, Canceled

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This project has been canceled. I wanted to continue this project, but due to recent events It appears that despite my best efforts and several mis-communications from both parties, release would take longer than I would have liked . I wanted to do a winter release for the holidays as a sort of present to everyone. I will however turn what I already have done and planned, into my Plan b incase something happened. I know there were several people who were really looking forward to this project as is, but all I can say is maybe one day, it will back once everything is at full strength.


  • Wow that sounds like a lot of work, but at the same time the perfect pick up game style. I would love to play DM or Player once this is done :smilebold: 
  • @Knifu_Waifu In all honesty it isnt that big of a work load for me, the only big work load to this project for me, is typing all of my jumbled notes from my note books which has all of the campaigns and NPCs I have currently planned for this behemoth.
  • sounds really cool
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    Ignore this. Mistakes were made!
  • yes, I plan on making some of my own campaigns for pick up groups, but will def be interested in joining in other peoples campaigns as well. cool project.

    Side note, but I want mine to use the same art style as the real thing, if you find out about any way to do that I'd love to hear about it.
  • Oh, and if you want any help developing any of the campaigns or anything, I am more than happy to help, so long as it's not a day I have work.
  • I would be completely in to try this. This is a really cool idea, and I can tell that you put a lot of work into it. Whenever you are going to try it, just shoot me a message and I will check if I can clear my schedule.
  • @MidgetMonkey10 join this discord so you can be notified of any scheduling if you arent already.

    @The_Warrior_Mage I appreciate your offer and will keep you in consideration if I do need assistance in the future.
  • @Gterra2 Is your twitch channel the same name? I would love to play with you or watch you!
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  • No problem.
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    @Gterra2 Thanks, I joined and I also have some DM'ing experience and would be willing to DM a game if you ever needed.
  • @MidgetMonkey10 Once im done with this thing, and am able to publicly share everything, feel free to go DM bananas m8.
  • @Toomblercazz Thanks for the cool info post, still looking to see if they actually have a download for assets. Unfortunately, I am trying to make maps through Krita, and the amount of lag I get is horrendous. 
  • @FullPrice "What a hard worker!" for those who havent grasped what im doing yet, Im basically writing a book, consisting of over 50 unique stories/challenges and HUNDREDS OF CHARACTERS! And they all have to intermingle somehow.  :(
  • @Gterra2 I would love to play this, though I'm really inexperienced in playing and would like to try this out.
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    @Kyle once ive got it done, I will publicly release all of the content in the form of google docs. I expect to be done in about 2 months.

    (edit) No longer happening.
  • So @Gterra2 any chance of this actually happening ever? :wink: 
    ((Yeah I did go all the way back to page 72 for this, not just to annoy you though.))
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    @KaeawynShifter Lmao yes, its still happening.
     Life has gotten in the way. Planning on releasing it before the holiday season for people to have lots of fun URealms campaigns to play during the off season.
    (hmm, since people are now going to see this, I should change a couple things in the main post...)

    (Edit) no longer happening.
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