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Favorite Anime



  • Mine are Boku no hero academia, dragonball and dragon Ball z and dragon ball super Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood 7 deadly sins one punch man death note yes I know im basic
  • Wasn't there already a favorite anime/manga thread?

    Anyway for favorite gag-series I'd say KonoSuba and for a favorite action series I'd say Parasyte/Kiseijuu.
  • guys guys all your opinions are TRASH the true masterpiece is Kappa Mikey.

  • yeah i agree sure it was overseen by the  creator of the mangas but those damn gnomes took to many shortcuts and didnt use the source well enough however i an hopeful towards Azveltara utra as it releeses soon @blockington99 ; 

  • Dragon Ball Z was my first and still favorite anime! I didn't even know what anime was for a very long time but I watched a lot of dragon ball and still tune in to watch it on Saturdays when the dubs come out from Japan! One of my favorite parts of each campaign is when I'm done I new episode is already out for me to watch!

    In high school I fell in love with Death Note because the main character was neither good or bad. So much of the content i absorbed as a kid had such dry good vs evil stories that I honestly get sick of. There is no such thing as pure good and no such thing as pure evil and man was Death Note so mind opening for me, I loved the fact that people debated online about whether he was a good guy or bad guy trying to fit light into the normal tropes.

    I love harem animes, but generally I just watch them when I have nothing else to do and am crazy bored of everything else. You have to understand that I have this neat trait where I like pretty much everything for the most part. Foodwise, musicwise, showwise. And the reason why I always like harem animes is mostly for the bright colors and for the alien like characters. Most shows and movies you watch try to make characters that are relatable, but man in bad animes characters dont behave like real humans. Because they always have japanese names and such, I don't even remember most of them other then the plot and what happens to the characters, let alone character names.

    The Last Airbender and Korra more so were absolutely fantastic. URealms takes many things from those two shows in terms of ideas and character designs. I think when we first designed the elf boss character that became Gwyneth Sunsword, I had Nick Graves draw inspiration from Kovira and it's really obviously looking back on her now haha. That show had so many powerful female characters which is why I loved it because up until recently, females just did not play these types of roles in shows. Anytime a show does something that is "new", I am always instantly attracted to it because it feels like learning and it inspires my work directly.

    The pokemon anime was a classic for me in junior high. It was so formalistic, but because of that in so many ways taught me that you could make shows by using a formula like that. Because it was so simple it let me understand it's simplicity to the point where I could predict stuff better and being able to predict shows better leads to understanding how they were crafted.  I watch a little bit of it every now and then. Same with case closed which I have watched for many of the same reasons as pokemon.

    As for some more recent stuff, I really like Food Wars. A lot of animes have a main character who is a shitty fucker who does nothing and is the least interesting person, but food wars just has a dude who is always awesome and its fun to watch a power fantasy like that every now and then, It also feels like Iron Chef the anime and I use to watch a ton of iron chef when I was a kid for some reason (again I generally enjoy everything). I also watch the new Voltron on netflix which is okay season 1-2, but is starting to feel really awesome by the end of 3. I'm excited to see where that goes.

    I find that most of the time though I have to be in the mood for something with subs because I generally like to multitask play a casual game while i watch shows.
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    my first anime was Berserk 1997.  and ever since then i have been drawn to dark stuff and trop breaking thinks like Death Note and that type of styles. i am probably pretty messed up in the head, as i was like 9 10 when i watch Berserk and i just thought it was awesome
  • @LexderMob Heh. Me and my sister have a term we use in conversation where we refer to something as out 'soul ____', meaning that it somehow encapsulates our worldview or personal philosophy. Berserk is her 'soul manga', which says a lot about her as a person.
  • @Arkanite   i still follow the Berserk manga. and i can say that it is my soul manga to, so your sister have excellent taste  :)
  • @LexderMob She tends to have good taste in general, so if she recommends something to me, I watch/read/try it. But now I fear for the both of you~ 
  • Cowboy Bebop is my all time favorite show and it will most likely forever be. I also enjoyed Brotherhood and Kilk la Kill.
  • According to my Anime-Planet profile my highest rated series have been Log Horizon, Fairy Tail, FMA:B, Baccano!, Darker than Black, Gurren Lagann, and Bleach. I don't really know how accurate that is with my current feelings but its close enough.  :)

    To be honest I don't have time to watch a lot now days, but I have started reading a fair bit of manga. (I spend 40 min every morning and evening on a train going to and from Tokyo for work, it seemed like the logical thing to start doing)
  • Its been awhile since I really watched anime often but I really loved Gundam 00 for the epic battle sequences and for a lot of the darker story points. I also liked Code Geass although I never finished it because I got busy and stuff. And Overlord was the last anime I watched that really grabbed me (Thanks Deadbones for linking the sick intro on twitter!)
  • I don't know if this classifies as an anime, but "Shelter" is a 7ish minute music video anime thing. It's great.
  • Been watching Hero Academia and Gurren Lagann recently and am enjoying them a lot. I used to read the Naruto manga, the manga and anime got too long in length for me to keep up with so I stopped reading it. I was 6-11 years old, I watched the 4 Kids Yugioh dub and Pokemon dub every saturday . The last three have a lot of significance for me. I watched  Cowboy Bebop (its on my rewatch list) and Stein;s Gate a few years ago, but I'm not sure if my preferences have changed since then. 
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    I'm actually surprised no one said Attack on Titan or Fairy Tail, mine is Food Wars
  • My favorite is this new one called Azveltara Z. Its this new anime that starts on the 26th i cant wait to see it!
  • I doubt anything will ever top Your Lie in April for me. It's on netflix and I recommend anyone who has even the slightest interest in romance animes to check it out. Just be prepared for feels.
  • my favorite anime is sinfeild

  • I really like Future Diary because of the characters and plot, but No Game No Life is such a great concept
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    Jojo bizarre adventure i love it because it is so weird and wacky while at the same time balances seriouness. Also im a huge sucker for anime ,comics and manga with loads of technacality .Which is why enjoy shows and comics where everyone powers and ablities that are super detailed,technical and have  their own niche and gimmick which has both strengths weaknesses and allows the creator to be as imaginative as they can .Which creates a leveled playing field where anyone can beat anybody just by learning about your opponet and overcoming them with more brains than brawn that is why stands are one my most favourite super powers. Also i love world building like having a deep detailed description of places, characters,events and lore such as tales of powerful figures who once existed and caused drastic changes to the world
  • My Anime that I must recommend to everyone is Clannad. It funny, it's serious it amazing. There is also these sections that are separate from the main cast that ties in at the end which put it above and beyond. 
    Some other shows that I can recommend are;
    Girl meets Girl - The first anime that I watched actively knowing that it was anime.
    New Game! - Its currently in its second season and it featuring making art assets a game, it is relly fun and cute.
    K-on! - Speaking of fun and cute, this is a fun and cute show about girls forming a band club. 
    ReLife - This is a show about going back to high school. It is going into feeling fulfilled in life and such themes. 
    and lastly, Black Buttler, all my friends really like it.
  • My favorite is Avatar: the last airbender. but i've heard a lot of people claim that the last airbender is not an anime, which comes down to a matter of whether you define anime from country of origin or by art style. Still, Avatar for life.
  • @CanadianCrusader It has the art style so I consider it an anime but I have to agree with you it is one of my favorite shows of all time.
  • Azveltara Super is kinda a split from what I hear. Lots of fan service. @blockington99
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    Tokyo Ghoul... because i am dead inside and this relates

    Soul Eater because again i like to feel depressed

  • "Expelled from paradise" was nice to watch
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    Umm nope no feels here ignore this

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    @helperbot0613 what the **** did you just explain? 

    Edit: ignoring it
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    @Fera Ignore it im sorry impulse is my downfall most of the time
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    How can I not go with the most manly tear-inducing anime, Jojo? I also am in love with Mob Psycho 100 and One Punch Man. My only semi-niche choice is Kaiji, which I *heavily* recommend due to the high-stakes gambling adaptations of stuff like rock paper scissors. Best of all, no character has plot armor and wins all the time.

    Honorary mention to Steven Universe, which is not technically an anime but heavily anime-inspired according to Rebecca Sugar, its creator.
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