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Favorite (alcoholic) drinks!

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For those of you over the drinking limit (or those rulebreakers under it) what is your favorite drink of choice? Mines Mike's Hard Lemonade. And occasionally some Not Your Fathers or The Best Damned Rootbeer.

I decided to ask this because of the recent Drunk Hunt @Rob has been posting.


  • a glass of cold milk. i don't really drink, but when i have drinkt in the past, it was often alcoholic cider
  • Usually have some cider like strongbow dark fruit or a kopparberg
  • When it comes to alcoholic drinks, I consider myself a meadist.

    @LexderMob "a cold glass of milk"
    Ah Cheateau Romani, the finest in Termina!
  • @AlternateWraph  i love myself some zelda reference  :)
  • Most alcohol tastes terrible to me. Beer is really weird. I don't understand how people can down it so easily. However I love Rose wine. 
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    Water/tea, i don't drink alcohol.
  • scotch, midori, or baileys 
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    Vodka Sunrise, Somersby Blackberry cider and mimosas are pretty bomb.
  • Chocolate milk! (cold if possible) no alcohol here 
  • Skull Splitter Scotch Ale by Orkney Brewery
  • Cabernet sauvignon for me. I am a wine man through and through.
  • I'm a fan of margaritas, but a cold beer on a lazy saturday is more my style
  • Love me some Porco Sangrio!
    Theres also a Japanese drink called Chuhai that's just slightly alcoholic fruit juice, which is good. I just taste drinks though, not being legally old enough to drink.
  • Manhattan's, white russians, or most anything with rum or bourbon. Beer-wise I'm not much of a fan since it's too filling, but I really enjoyed Josephsbrau radler lemon beer that I discovered recently.
  • I make this really nice drink called a "Bill Cosby".
  • Why is the rum gone? :drunk:
  • I'm not a heavy drinker much, but this post is surprisingly helpful to widen your horizon of drinks. Dare you that are old enough to try all that have been listed that you haven't already, who knows you could find a new favorite. I know I'm going to try some
  • Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster is good, "Just remember not to have more than two unless you're a thirty ton mega elephant with bronchial pneumonia" -Zaphod Beeblebrox 
  • V&V (Vodka and Vernor's) It's the best!
  • There's a drink I've had at Mardi Gras called a Hand Grenade. It's pretty intense but it's a nice sour drink. Beyond that I love Coconut Malibu Rum (mixes really well with most sodas) and I've been warming up to Fireball.
  • White Russian or dark rum and lemonade. Booze is good.
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    Ginger Ale
  • Captain Morgan Spice Rum with some Ginger Ale or a dark soda works. Also tons of water afterwards. (I'm super light weight. The amount Deadbones drinks would literally kill me)
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