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UR Weekly drawing prompt 1~~ Bopen v Virgo



  • @DrFlameWolfBitchBoyKing That sprite work is rad
  • Here's a quick baby Bopen sketch.
  • @Hdilie im getting a tim burton vibe from this :3 and of course most are! who doesnt love drawing a skeleton?
    @Raandm ngl, was a bit intimidated by these, bopen does look a bit peaceful though
    @choninja21 its sorrta like a chibi skelly, i didnt know i wanted this and youre right, it is pretty cute
    @Jimcomics i love the coloring style and his armor, makes him look like a proper ruler
    @FlashToki aw, he seems like the kid of kid that was very spoiled and he always ran around in his armor costume with his little cardboard sword

    thank you guys for posting your work!
    heads up to anyone else still interested, only 1(ish) more day to post your art here for week 1
    i will officially call this post closed at 12est on sunday!!
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    Finally done
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    @TheGallantKnight make sure you press space and not enter after you post the link in image url box
     edit: refer to the image problems response further up this post
    heyo hope im not late. heres a quick sketch of virgo because im too tired to choose nice colors or draw a skeleton
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    I've had very little to no time to draw what I wanted. So here's a little disembodied chibi head doodle of our favorite Pirate death king. 

  • This is great! @Bonsai
  •  Well, this took longer than expected. I skipped the shading because I'm lazy, but I'm happy with how it turned out. 
    Galen is sad.
    (holy shit I just realized that bopens head should be white, the black one is virgoooooooooooooos. eh too late)
  • I should learn how to draw :rawb: 
  • I've started late, and I don't think I'll ever finish this, so here are bopen and his some of his crew!

    Here's all of them. But I've only finished the lines for Clott, Bopen and Tobias.

    Closeup of Clott

    Closeup of Tobias

    Closeup of the bossman Bopen

    I might finish this and colour this, but that seems unlikely with the time I have :frown: 
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    Man seeing all these art is just awesome!

    Curse procrastination, why do i have to take the last day to actually work on this. Ah well, i could continue on it some other time. I'd probably edit this when i finish if I can

    Finished version

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    @TheGallantKnight nice contrast, the smug look on bopens face makes this
     @Bonsai ive always loved this sketch style, i really like this one
    @Adalo001 poor galen, idk why i never thought of bopen having a couple golden teeth, thats a nice little detail
    @TheAeronoksGS this a really good, nice clean linwork and you can always finish the coloring whenever you want! you dont have to necessarily use the deadline ive made
    @Jnixz another one with some nice clean linework, you did get this in with an hour to spare :3 so you did good!
     @Gigsey ; this would make a really cool little charm or even a sticke, its cute

    thank you guys for being the last group to participate!
    as of this msg there is about 15 minutes left before times up!
  • thanks again to everyone who sent in art! time is up! this weeks drawing prompt will be posted in 5 hours, looking forward to seeing what you guys can do with it
  • @Qu33nAce ;
    This may seem a little dumb... but thanks. 
    After a really awful week, just that little compliment really cheered me up. 
    I was really disappointed with what I turned in. It's nowhere near what I wanted.. but yeah.. he is kinda cute, I guess..  :)

  • It was my first time making something from scratch on the computer, so please forgive the wonky lines. This was based on an old propaganda poster from WW2 that read "Quiet! Know your place, shut your face!"; the hand grabbing the face made me think of this.
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