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Theory time: Who is Lyn Azveltara?

A few weeks back, Rob posted a preview for the forum avatars. The avatar for Hydromancer was just "hydromancer", the Templar was just "templar", but the avatar for the woman on the Petalwalker cards was "lynazveltara"(Lyn Azveltara). 
Now that avatars have rolled out, she's nowhere to be seen on the page. With Rob already having a name given to her as well as using her as the art for Petalwalker, its obvious he may have something big already planned for her. But what?

Azveltara is one of the names of the Elven Families. Is it possible Lyn is the head of the family, similar to Virgo? As a Petalwalker does she, or her family, have some sort connection to Rokesh? Here's hoping she is introduced in the first couple campaigns this season, as the Petalwalker class looks really interesting, and having Rob play it to show off its capabilities would be great.


  • Very interesting theory/sleuthing
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    I feel like all of the Elven Families have a strong connection to one of the elements.
    • Draughwin with Dark Magic (Lore card for Jennathorn Barringster in "The Fall of Dundinborough.").
    • Sunswords with Light Magic (With Gywneth, Virgo, and Galen all being experienced Paladins or Sun Clerics). 
    • Tarcial'Embeart with Fire Magic (Tarcial Slippers in the Flamedanseur class).
    Again, this is only theory, and can be denied at any time, just what I'm thinking!

    EDIT: I just realized that this has nothing to do with Lyn. Well, I believe that they are the Earth Magic Experts!
  • Illuminati Confirmed, Necromancy Due to Hype!
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