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The life of a normal Elf?

So we know that Elfs can consume silver to essentially hit the reset button on their age, which we know that silver is the scales of a god (Golestandt in this case). What we don't know is how expensive silver is. Is silver only a luxury for upper/middle class elfs? And if there are elfs who cannot get silver how old do they live without it?

I know this is more of a Rob question but i was wondering what others thought of this also.


  • my bet is on middle to higher classes can get Dragon Silver, Deadbons old elf character from the Paladin Order, just to take silver, and he doesn't seem to be to high in rank.
  • I feel like elves are uppity enough as a whole that their would be very few elves that wouldn't consider themselves upper class, and organized enough to provide all but the criminal among them silver
  • the way that elves were created seems to point to all elves being related in some way or another to 1 of the 7? Elven families (not sure how many off the top of my head). I am not sure if there really is any non-noble elf some will definitely be less nobility than others but I would assume that with a mountain sized dragons worth of silver to pick from all elves would have the right to be given it. Unless they were criminals like Orvan Wiess or inactive members of elven society like Trandon Barringster they would all have access to silver in some way or another.
  • @pillowpower99 I never thought about the idea of everyone one way or another connected to the seven houses.
  • @H0tpixel well they have to be, cos when elves were created iirc only elves from the seven families were created 
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