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Do Ageless Have Souls?

So back when ageless were just starting to get some lore to them there was a large back and forth discussion about whether ageless had a soul/whatever the urealms equivalent is or not. Personally I always liked to think that full ageless have no soul and that is what makes them these immortal death people but ageless thralls still have their soul trapped within them which is why thralls are these mindless husks. Something about an ageless body with it's soul intact causes a sort of mental paralysis leaving the host as a mindless zombie. But that is just my take on ageless I am curios as to what other ideas people have about ageless and what makes them tick.


  • "Ageless, for the most part, take skeletal forms, but sentient Ageless have the ability to use dark illusion magic to reform their skin and blood, making them appear like a regular living creature. Ageless are, for the most part, unkillable. Ageless can feel pain, but they are immortal, immune to poisons, and have no need to eat, breathe, or sleep. They also do not age. Ageless can reform severed and damaged body parts with their inherent magicness. The only way to truly destroy an Ageless is to smash their skull, freeing their soul from their body. This works for both thralls, as well as intelligent Ageless. They are said to have a magic “Sixth Sense” that they use to read people’s souls. This allows them to identify individuals as other Ageless, or living beings. " -from the wiki
  • During the scene with when we first meet Ghostblade in "The Skeleton King" he kills a full Ageless and a little soul wisp escaped. Also Cecilia Granger sort of had some semblance of a soul because her husband had to bind something spiritual to him.   
  • Yes, Ageless do appear to have Souls. However, what happens to the Soul, I have no idea. It's possible that they become Phantoms for ever, as they are visible when they leave their Bodies (unlike Normal Beings), but I don't know in all honesty.
  • The final encounter in Woodcarvers would suggest that they do have souls, as I believe their souls could be seen leaving their body as their skulls were crushed
  • I would believe so. What those souls are, though, is unclear. It's like a blue...spirt wisp? It seems to be the Phantoms we were supposed to see if the Phantom motion passed in Deadlantis' Senate would be the same?

    Maybe they are separate. 

    I personally think the Ageless curse is some sort of highly-advanced Dark Magic. Golestandt is definitely connected to it in some way, and the spell to turn people ageless appears to be fairly complex.
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