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Happy Birthday Rob!

Rob you're amazing, you've been one of the best content creators and a part of my internet life for like 10 years. (and with the 10 season plan for URealms another 10) I hope you have an amazing birthday cause you deserve the entire world!


  • As well from I Rob, Happy Birthday
  • Happy birthday Rawb!!!!
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    Happy Birthday Rurikar, creator of funny WoW shorts and a small-time web-series spoof of Dungeons and Dragons, named Unforgotten Realms, that influences your work even today! Time to cut up some Canadian Lumber candles, cast Flare, and make a wish!

    Happy Birthday Rawb, player of Pokemon Nuzlockes and small-time streamer who had a small dedicated community of Phijkchu Teammates who stuck with you to the end, and helped you break out of your live-streaming shell to be able to do what you do now! For your birthday present, we gift you 39 turquoise gems!

    Happy Birthday Bruce, creator of Dwarves Vs Zombies and Lords of Minecraft, Bandit of Tuna, and leader of the famed Buffalo Wizards, who you still are friends with even to this day! Let's grab a birthday cake from the Cake Shrine and invite all the Jimmy's to the occasion!

    Happy Birthday Rob, creator and game master of URealms Live, the one who created a place for this amazing community to grow! May we live on and have fun like this for 100 more years! (Or 25 years, at least!) Our hero... No, there are no tricks.

    To you, you amazing bastard.

    (P.S. Happy Birthday, Coe.)
  • Happy Bday Rawb!
  • Happy birthday Robert. Hope you are well :D :drunk: 
  • Happy birthday Rawb here's to another year of hotdog videos
  • Happy birthday Rawb
  • Happy Birthday Rawb!   >:) :) >:)
  • Happy birthday Rawb, and a hundred more filled with health and love.
  • Happy birthday Rawb. let the memes and jokes flow for an entire lifetime.  >_<
  • Thank you for keeping so many of us around for so long. So many other content creators I used to watch, and would've said Happy Birthday to them, but don't even notice them now when they go through my sub box, but anyway Happy Birthday. 
  • happy birthday Rob!  :)
  • congratulations and salutations to you Rob. may your future be bright and filled with success!
  • Happy birthday Rawb!!!!
  • Have a happy birfday Rawb boy!
  • Good luck killing dudes on the internet!
  • I wish you to be happy on the date of your birth as is common for most of our human race to be because of certain events such as parties and because one is celebrating themselves for being alive, which is a momentous accomplishment in our society.
  • Happy Birthday Pokemon Master
  • Happy Birthday!! 
  • Happy Birthday to my favorite internet content maker person in the world! Have a fantastic day!!!  :)
  • Happy Birthday Coestar Rob!
  •  ~_~Happy birthday rawb >:)  
  • Happy birthday Rob!
  • Happy Birthday Coe Rob!! <3 
  • Yo, happy birthday Rob! You're an awesome dude who creates some of the coolest stuff I've ever seen on the internet.
  • Happy Birthday Rob, hope your having a great one!
  • Happy B-Day Rob!

  • Happy birthday Rob!
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