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Your biggest fear!



  • @CasualCow Roamin's luck with dice. Though for real, it's mirrors. Not because I fear my reflection, but I fear that my reflection is seeing something behind me that it will never be able to warn me about.
  • My fear is Urealms ended
  • I fear the day URealms dies
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    It would be eraser to list of the things I don't fear, but as for worst fear, i have to go 3 way tie. Bugs, Heights, going upside down. Needles are a biggy too. And getting scared (like horror movies and hunted houses). And dog's barking. And just the consistent fear of dying. You know the usual. (and many more)
  • Flying bugs.
    Mosquitos, Bees, Bumblebees, Flies, Cicadas, Dragonflies, WASPS...

    Freakin' wasps...

    Just the buzzing sound when they fly by your ears is just enough to make me squirm. Bleh.
    I honestly don't have a problem with any other bugs though. Spiders and beetles, while aren't exactly cute and cuddly, aren't able to float around your eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.
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    Public exposure. Loss of privacy. Being in the news for... anything really. Doesn't even have to be negative. Any situation where information about my life is controlled by someone else.
  • @ninjathis I can agree with this too, swarms of insects are another fear of mine, the insect swarms in system shock 2 were the scariest thing in the game for me
  • I have Aichmophobia, so anything involving sharp stabbers
  • Mine, as cheesy as it sounds, is fear itself. This terrifies me. I have seen so many people shut down when they see a spider, bug, snake, dog, etc... I never understand their fears so I am constantly seeing things and imagining the many dangers of it. 
  • The fury and power off Robert Moran
  • Failure of the human race to outlive the universe.  Well, more disappointed. 
  • Any form of stinging creatures. I was traumatized several times as a small child and now I quickly back away from anything that's black and yellow with a stinger.
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    @ewanme99 Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck.
    I just searched google about the bloop, and I regret it now. I forgot how much deep, open ocean scares me. Especially doldrums. Those just scare the absolute fuck out of me.
    (Doldrums are just open ocean where no wind blows and the ocean is just completely flat, but that uniformity and mysteriousness is what scares the ever living daylights out of me).
  • My greatest fear would have to be never feeling happy again. I haven't been happy for years.
  • im terrified of heights and get vertigo on plane trips. i also fear losing the people i love, which is completely unavoidable and sucks, like a lot.
  • I'm afraid people will hate me for enjoying myself and the things I love. Not as much anymore, a lot of positive experiences in high school have helped to make me think about it less, but I don't want to be alone or in hiding again and sometimes I get worried it'll happen.
    I'm also afraid of failing my parents. I know I don't owe them anything, and I generally have a really great relationship with them. I love them to bits, and they love me, which is exactly why I'm afraid of disappointing them. It's literally never happened, but I've heard stories from my friends with terrible parents and a part of me is worried that if I stop performing to their expectations I'd meet the same fate.
  • Caves. I really don't like caves
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    Having everything "unnecessary" for my survival carved off of my body until I'm just a lump of nerve endings and internal organs. Then having those things put into a chemical bath of drugs that cause pain(directly to my exposed nerves), and simultaneously keep me alive.

    Not very likely that's going to happen though.

    Second biggest fear would be if everything in the world got the texture of styrofoam and unpolished porcelain.
  • Let me clarify my answer, its more about the addiction  to drugs than the actual drugs themselves. I hate how addictions utterly change people and how they think. 
  • Deep water. I'm a great swimmer and can float no problem, As long as I know that if I go completely vertical my feet will be on the ground and my neck will be above the surface of the water. If I realize that's not the case, everything I know about swimming stops functioning and I enter panic mode.

    Whenever someone asks if I want to go to someone's house for a pool party, my immediate response is "above ground or in-ground?" If it's in ground I nope right out of the offer.
  • My greatest fear is Humanity wasting its potential.
    Also big bugs.
  • A situation like "1984" occuring in real life where all our actions are guided by the government and those who were unfairly your surperiors whom had complete control over your autonomy. Hundreds of people were supressed including my friends who were mentally broken to the point of not being able to think individually and it going on for generations. Along with the only creative freedoms that are avalible to us being test to see whether we needed our minds "purged" through brainwashing...making everyone else think that the outside world was a desolate place due to wars and leaving was a death wish. *cries*

    Also when Rawb gets colds
  • @Caprikel Yeah, I'm kinda with you on the whole "wasting potential" thing.
  • Kinda deep, but uh. Becoming my father.
  • My biggest fear is people dabbing.
  • @PoweradeCookie Dab on the haters of dabbing *dab* <o/
    (but yeah it is pretty cringy)
  • Drowning is a biggie.

    Also being falsely imprisoned of a crime.
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