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SugarSmear's Smears

I'll be posting my drawings in this thread because it's nice to have it all in one place some of the time. While I'm not new to drawing. I'm not very consistent either. I go for long lapses of not doing it making my style a bit inconsistent. Hope you enjoy my stuff either way!

Starting off is my interpretation of Michael Langstrom. I was inspired to draw him at the start of Season 2.

A few campaigns after that Karl Landers inspired me again, creating what you see here.

Right after Karl I decided to draw Denzik. After seeing the amazing Dragon Aspect mural(?) i tried incorporating some of Vlaurunga's patterns into the shield and armor to really bring out the Sigil of Flame aspects that Denzik drew.

After the first character creation of the 3rd season Roamin's character sounded so crazy wild that I needed to draw something these were my expectations. Quite the stark contrast to reality!

This is my entry to Qu33n's drawing prompt thread. The topic was Elemechs so I decided to harken back to the old Elemech companion where the guys could choose the abilities of it for themselves. I drew three random spells, and tried to draw a Mech that could do all those spells mechanically.

TaeyRurj was the first to have her name picked out in the Divine Decision raffle. After the campaign stream I approached her and offered to draw her a character of her choice. This is her OC and avatar in the URealm, Taey Rur'j, the kobold Berserker.


  • Damn Michael, you got some big hands. Imagine if every gnome had hands as big as that, it'd really be something wouldn't it?

    These are some sick-ass drawings Sugar! I gotta say, though, while Michael and Denzik have got their own things going on, I feel like most people would say that your drawings of Karl Landers and Roamin's potential GPO character (who broke the mold by being female, which no one could've predicted) are the ones taking center stage. 
  • Nice job! I really enjoy your style, especially with Roamin's potential character, and your drawing of Taey.
  • Fantastic designs on those characters! Keep up the great work and looking forward to see more of your art
  • This stuff looks AMAZING! Keep up the great work!
  • Just as I did with TaeyRurj I confronted Caprikel about making him a drawing once he won the divine decision. This is my interpretation, based on what he explained to me. I'm looking forward to see other interpretation of his character.

    Also, with the Accolade in the chosen ones profiles, I thought it would be neat if they actually got those marks on their bodies. Caprikel has his one covered up by his headband, but it is visible on his Haunt form.
  • Man, now I just want to win a divine decision for the art.These are great.
  • Oh wow. These are fantastic.
  • These look amazing!!
  • these are super great!! thanks for sharing!!!
  • that's cool! love the idea to make art for the divine decision winners, keep up the good work  :)
  • @SugarSmear
    That one on Caprikel is SOOO cool
  • These are all so great
  • ooh! That's awesome!
  • I know right? Gotta collect some cash or something @Vongeo
  • @SugarSmear
    This is super cool!!
    Also I just noticed how you used the Duskblade for the blade his human form is carrying, and the Bonescythe for the Haunt form, that's a really clever way to use them!

    Also for anyone curious, here's the link to the character I made for inspiration for the drawing.

  • @Caprikel Glad you noticed the thing with the Duskblade. I felt the need to incorporate both weapons seeing as they synergize so well with their abilities and your attribute. Basic attacks with the scythe pretty much guarantees Critical Hits due to the Lucky attribute. Critical Hits make the Duskblade's bonus effect go off. Really powerful.
  • @SugarSmear
    Yeah, it seems my character would be super Over powered in Urealms. The funny thing is that I didn't even consider the gameplay aspects for the bonescythe and duskblade, I was just going with the theme of the character. And I only chose the lucky attribute since I felt really lucky after winning the divine decision. Also I only chose Haunt and Mental assault to get 2 dark spells that come from the Warmonger cornerstone, and seeing the Haunt ability is what gave me the idea of having the Jojo-esque Ghost form.
  • Now I want to be picked during the divine decision even more
  • Oh me oh my, the Order of Chaos is looking fly!
  • your work is fantastic! i cant wait to see more
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