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Who is your favorite character in Urealms and why?



  • Favorites have always been hard for me to pick in anything, and with urealms, there are so many great characters to choose from that it makes it even more difficult, so instead of picking a favorite, I'm gonna pick a favorite from each of the main cast members for both seasons, and favorite npc from both seasons.


    Roamin has evolved a lot since the show started, and is probably one of the only guys that i would say that all of his season two characters are better than his season one characters. Still, we can't discount that his characters were amazing in season one.
    My favorite for roamin in season one has to be Xavius Barringster. The way Roamin played Gwyneth's Ex in "The Sunswords" was amazing, and when Rob made his character become a member of the Barringsters, he didn't flinch and let Phineas into his life. Plus during "The Silvermine Mountains" (When Roamin did have control of him) he continued his feud with Kallark, and played it well.
    But in my mind there is in no way that anything from season one could of topped his season two character, Luca. Yes, yes I know that Karl Landers was a badass, and that Trandon and Usu were comedy gold, but Luca just made "The Skeleton King" for me. I missed the first 30 or 40 minutes of this campaign when it aired live, so throughout the campaign, the only character name I knew, was Are'ani, but that didn't stop Roamin from stealing the show. While I loved everyone's characters that week, the puppetry that Roamin utilized, his legendary, made him the most enjoyable character in that campaign, at least for me.


    Oh Deadbones, how many campaigns have you taken the limelight? Deadbones' characters are by far some of my favorite one that have come out of this show. There are only a few characters that he has made that I don't like, and even then, I only dislike them for very minor things, like some tropes I dislike.
    Season one for Deadbones is like selecting between ice cream flavors, and all the onlys you like are there. But even with that, I have a tie. Yes I know, sort of a cop out answer, but Kinney Boots and Kallark, are both just too good to decide between. Don't get me wrong, i love Khn'n-Rell and Cain, but they way that Kinney and Kallark were played, made me appreciate Deadbones more than I already did. For Kinney, The accent, the general murderous aspect, all while being cheerful, and loyal made her so enjoyable. Kinney is what made Kobold my second favorite race in Urealms, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Kallark on the other hand, was made to be loved. He was our first dwelf, and helped make Gwyneth more enjoyable. From his great voice, to his choice of RP over damage, and even to the end of "The Silvermine Mountains", I don't think there's a single thing I dislike about Kallark. Plus he put aside the elven hatred of other races, and the dwarven hatred of kobolds, and wanted to adopt those Kobold children to be his own.
    For Season Two, I can't choose. Seriously, he made a cast of ten characters that I refuse to dislike. All of them are likable, and all of them have moments that make them great. Vitali and his STRONG MAGIC, Lola and her superiority, Orvan in general, Eliza and her accent and general nymphomania, Rhedmun getting shit on and just taking it, Sonya was okay, Reno was so good I can't even name all of the things he did, Jeanie and her Dvergr accent to her love of fire, DUKE DARING need I say more, and Are'ani, were all so great, that I cannot choose.


    Justin has become such a great roleplayer since the show has starter. Sure his first few characters had good moments, but I feel like that as the show continued he started getting better and better, up to the point that he became my favorite player at the table.
    My favorite character in season one for just in is, Thea Mazing. I know that most of her best moments are a result of Justin's internet messing up, but once he came back, he fully accepted that his character spoke Abracadab, and just went with it. She made that campaign into something great, even though I normally dislike sneaky campaigns.
    For season two, choosing a character from Justin is hard, but not as hard as it was for Deadbones. My favorite season two character for Justin is, Jax Blartowitz, "Buckeroos" was a great campaign full of great characters, but Jax really stole the show. From his "My god" to his lore building of New Porc City (and creating a Mother reference, without knowing it), to his making Galen change his mind about Porcs a bit.


    Coe is another player who has grown as the show evolved, definitely becoming better at the game and roleplaying. While I love Coe's Characters, I don't have a lot to say about Mr. McBooster himself, as he is one of my favorite streamers and it would take forever.
    My favorite season one character for Coe is, Dave. Yes, I know that he was an NPC originally, but Coe helped him become the fanfic creating weird elf man himself. Throughout "The Sunswords" he constantly made the roleplay better with his Leaders Heartoak Staff, and him destroying it at the end was a great end to the item. A lot of the best moments from the campaign was a result of Dave being in the campaign.
    Coe's best character from season two is James Briggs. His Masteries were great, plus his puppet was great, and his roleplaying of being blind was great.


    I'm not going to judge the NPC's based on Rob himself, but only on my pure love of them.
    For Season One, It's Phineas Barringster and Gwyneth Sunsword. Phineas was our first real insane character, and every campaign he was in was instantly made better. Gwyneth was our source of lore, and her being so badass in "Band of Thieves", and her being so fun in "Sunswords" and "Silvermine Mountains" really made her one of my favorite characters.
    For Season two it's, Galen Sunsword and Bopen. Galen added to the list of fun Sunswords, and was great in "Buckeroos" and "The Fall of Dundinborough" as he added so much to the roleplay. Bopen is great just for the lore implications, and in "The Skeleton King" he became much more than just a bad guy, he became our morally grey fun pirate captain.

    I will really quickly say that My favorite Millbee character was Bearo, for the amazing roleplay and story, and my favorite Nisovin Character was Lann McRoberts for the idea of a Sharpswordsman at all, and his lucky silver coin story. I didn't include them originally since they have both only been in two campaigns so far.  

    And that's it for me. I didn't originally expect this to be a small essay, but what are you gonna do :smileneena: 
  • I would have to say Philhipéand K4. They really helped shape urealms in the first episode. The curse of K4 lives on foreve. We know Philhipé is out there, just have to wait for his heroic return. Maybe he can tell some of his old war stories for us.
  • Gotta go with my man Karl Landers, he can hit anything from a mile away and has an army of porcs!
  • Cain, because he's so random, but simple.
  • Oh geez, there's been so many fantastic characters, but for a long time my favorite has been Sergio Fabioso. He's just so full of personality and confidence without feeling like a cookie cutter fantasy character or something else totally ridiculous. He just sticks out amongst the other characters we've met so far, and of course there's The Passion.
  • Phineas and Cain are right there at the top for me. They each satisfy a different brand of silliness; Phineas is my dark humor and Cain is my dumb humor. And I love them both.
  • Although I love every character so far i do have my favorite
    First: I love Unter i'm just happy he exist and how the players interacted with him and his sister.
    Second: Rick snot because of his great ahem.
    Last: Marco and Polo, i put them together because the complete each other and that also why the are one or two of my favorite characters.

  • I feel like  Karl Landers would be my favorite, he created a lot of funny and interesting scenarios    that I never saw coming 
  • It's crazy to see the amount of variety. Really speaks volumes as to why I love this show :,). Imo, either Justin's crazy character from the skeleton king, or Sergio fabioso (Justin's... passionate character from the zarlin catacombs)
  • Lance Willikars, i played to much DvZ.
  • sir schmoopy of awesometon, because of his personality, Golestandt, because he is a bad-ass dragon aspect. Nader, And obviously, all the other fan favourites such as Phineas, K4, and Gweneth.
  • Borracho exclusively because of the Strong Bad connection.
  • Kinney Boots or Phineas.
    Kinney is the character that made me certain that I loved urealms. She made Dingo Isles just so awesome and memorable.
    Phineas is Porbo.'Nuff said.
  • Strangely enough, my favorite character is Heathera Stonemason. The use of the Doomed attribute and how Rob has played that character has made me way more invested in this NPCs survival than the usual NPC. It's a developing tragic story with an interesting character
  • Coe
    S1: Dave
    S2: Borracho/James Briggs
    : Sergio
    : Jax Blartowitz/Tobias
    : Darius
    : Karl Landers
    : Morgana
    S2: Rhedmun
    S1: Dob (not much else to pick)
    S2: Johnny Feo
    S1: Phineas
    S2: Any C1 kid
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    The guys are always improving the way they make their characters so I have a hard time picking a favourite
  • That is hard! for top 3 it would have to be, in no particular order:
    Phineas-I always love a good villain!
    Maelstrom- Love his mysterious manner of appearing and disappearing, he is just so interesting!
    Galan- I have no idea why I just love him and feel bad that he is not the Grand Paladin.
  • *screaming* DUKE DARING! 
    Seriously though, he's probably the only character I'd change my profile pic for now. I loved the way deadbones played him in den of devils and I want to see the team of Duke and Lunk come back later. Thats who'd I'd choose if I had to choose one. I need art for him.

  • Vitali For his amazing accent
  • I love Margaret O'Malley! Insurance fraud scam that went ass backwards!  I hope to see more of these types of crimes. We forget in Margaret's pursuit for gold he caused a lot of damage that some has to pay for and innocent children were butchered. 

    I hope we get financial crimes, maybe more political intrigue and scandal, these are the best kind of crimes. 
  • My favorite Characters are between Ghana and James Briggs, I dont really know why i found a soft spot for them but i also love all the SunSwords.
  • Most of deadbones characters but as for the season this far his GPO one 
  • Jormr, Buford and Bromas, I don't know why. But Jormr's continuing optimism and blindness to his "son's" issues. Buford, because of the many moments where he just blankly looked out into nothingness, and his general story. Bromas because of how much his character has developed, from starting as a Gnome, to turning into a Kobold and so on!
  • I'd say Nikers Fontain because I feel that the way he behaved during the den or devils combat was just really cool. I really like the idea of a character who is so set on protecting his allies to face the flames of divine beings without hesitation
  • Kinny Boots. 

    The way deadbones did her accent and the pure innocent maniacal taste for violence just made the entire URealms for me. 
  • This is difficult, but I would say either Rick Snot, Thea Mazing, or Copie Ren as Rick has his Ahem, and the role-playception was funny, Thea created a surprising amount of my favorite lore, stupid lore, and Copie just felt like he had simultaneously the most and least character development of any character in Urealms.
  • Cain. You can't hate Cain.
  • Tobias Cragg because he's just nuts in a fun way with an amazing accent and morality
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