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Free Commissions for your Urealms Characters!



  • Viizko_Dagale
    (Male, silver hair, glowing gold eyes, looks strong)

    Idk if my old request was put in or not, but if it wasn't I would like one based off of this character. If you want more detail let me know. But mostly anything is fine.

    (And yes, this character is actually possible. Original race dwarf, original class templar)
  • And by the power of the old guys I say Thread rise back from the dead!

    But anyways I got a more recent request which I find as one of my favorite characters now. His name is Alto

    Apperance: An Elf with pale skin, dark green eyes, black wild hair, and a small goatee. His Blood Aura Plate instead of red is black and white. He has a small hole through his right ear toward the top of it with nothing in it. He is always has a slightly insane smile 
  • Is this still going?
  • @h0tpixel I actually forgot about this.... so sure!
  • @Jalku lol I was surprised this wasn't still crazy busy. Would it be fine if I come back here every month or so? I don't want to ask for too much at all, Its nice your doing this for people at all, I mean it is FREE.
  • @Jalku ;

    Father Demiscus is a kobold with brown eyes, wears very well kept and clean Heavy plate Armor, with some sort of engraving on the armor to all Dragon aspects. He has a cloak going off the back of him with his warhammer on his back. I think thats all, Don't make the armor too extravagant he is supposed to be very humble and religious. Thank you so much in advance!
  • A clean shaven dwelf, with blonde hair, a red shirt with grey sleeves, grey pants, and a Holy Purifier.
  • @Thall Whats a Holy Purifier? thats not a card is it?
  • @H0tpixel nope, its the weapon Roamin used in the old DVZ series (Not the realistic flamethrower) its basically a small staff with a large red gem on the top with a small red gem on the bottom.
  • @Thall I knew it sounded familiar.
  • @Jalku Are you still doing this or no?
  • @H0tpixel don't expect anymore commissions from me. I might get to some of these but atm I don't see it happening. Sorry!  :/
  • @Jalku No worries, thanks though!
  • Well its been long enough might as well finish the rest of these,

    @Snarky Hey man sorry it took so long to do your commission! I hope you like it!
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