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Gwyneth Sunsword and Chilly Wizzy???

I just saw this in the relations between characters on the Gwyneth Sunsword page and it says that Gwyneth and Elmar are Ex-lovers. I just wanted to know WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN? Gwyneth already has a very confusing love life, and I just wanted to know if someone could tell me when this was put into the lore?


  • ... Lore surprise!

    I'm just as surprised as you. I had no idea they knew each other before the Silvermine Mountains campaign. Considering Chilly Wizzy was from Theta Squad (IE, the loser squad or the "Dear Gods, anyone but these guys" squad), I would've never thought they would've known each other until then either.

    I guess Gwyneth and Elmar were Lovers in Elven College? Maybe they had a fling in the Silvermine Mountains behind Xavius's back?
  • Maybe Gwyneth has dated half the elven army? 
  • Didn't she mention him in the sunsword campaign? I thought she mention his name to Kalark(sp?) saying she dated a lot of men.
  • WTF... someone get this girl some help. Is everyone in the sunsword army her ex-boyfriend? Might as well be a rank among the army, "EX-boyfriend of Gwyneth"?
  • well you gotta assume she's dated nearly everyone her entire squad in the season one campeigns was made up of some of her ex-boyfriends
  • Tambok special friends show is really a competition of all Gwyneth's ex-boyfriends to try and win her back
  • @noxumbre
    Oh god, is Fenrus also one of her ex-boyfriends?
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    @Junkhipster at this point, I wouldn't be surprised if he was
  • Well I hope Gwenyth and Elmar get back togethe-


  • Well Gwenyth's father is Virgo she might a have some daddy issues thus dating a lot of men, or she really likes the D.
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    The tambok show is just Boyfriend Quest @noxumbre
  • Kallark VS THE WORLD  >_<

  • @DamnitDaBears As far as we know she has not dated Dave, but it is likely they have been together. Although Boy Friend Quest would be a set off for her.
  • @erock1118 dave isn't interested. If he was he could of had her with that magic staff.
  • Didn't Dave break that staff so nobody could use it for evil? or is that another character i'm thinking of that made the elf who stabbed Gwenyth no longer able to love?
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