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Random art and creations (Now posting game animations AND MORE RANDOM ART)

Here's some random stuff I drew

Coming to Terms: I starting to make a game and I needed to get a feel for the main character so I started to draw them when they would get the ability to see the ghastly ghouls around them.

A waltz through the forest: Same reason as the one above, but I also needed a chance to relax that day and this actually help me get through it. 

Ava: This was when I was first trying out how to draw on the computer properly and eventually I wanted to make her a character for the game I was making. So, she made its way into the painting above.

A Midnight walk: I was trying to create trees one day and just wanted to finish it and not leave it just as trees on a blank canvas.

Phineas: For the 9th drawing prompt. I saw it and decided to make it at 1 in the morning.

If anyone has anything they wish me to draw and I have interest in it I'll probably draw it and post it here. So, yeah..... 


  • Looks oddly similar to a certain disfigured person c;
  • @CaptainNemo97 I'm going to take that as a complement.... 
  • <3 <3 <3
    what a really nice art style
  • I'm glad you made an art thread! super nice art! keep it up!
  • I became bored again today so I wanted to draw the Stonemason"s so yeah... (The Woodcarvers Campaign is still my favorite one to this day) 
  • Marco Polo: I am packing up to go camping for a week and wanted to add something new to this before I go so..... Yeah....
  • Fae: Well got back from camping, unloaded the truck, and wanted to draw something before bed, and I like drawing areas in the woods sooo... this occurred. Well time to pass out now :)

    Also can someone give me an idea to draw from Urealms, I'm drawing blanks right now.
  • Glam shark swimming
  • Battle of the Bards
  • Battle of the Bards: Hope this is to your liking, and I should really stop making these in the middle of the night... Also I'll get to FireLie's request in a couple of days. 
    @Nectarpollution ;

    And again all and any idea's on what to draw would be nice from Urealms.
  • Some Gwyneth would be pretty cool :)
  • These are really cool. Are they made on paper? I can't tell. :smileporc: 
  • edited August 2017
    They're made on the computer using blue to do a rough sketch and then direct color over it using the blue as shading, and thank you for the compliment because I don't constantly feel motivated to draw since I don't think I'm any good at it but thanks to people encouraging me like you, I'm now starting to feel that I'm starting to get better, and I want to try even harder to prove it to myself. :) Now back to making Gwyneth which will hopefully be done either tonight or tomorrow
  • Wow this is great! I really like how Vanessa is in full on diva mode. If you're still taking suggestions you could do the tournament-winning fan favorite Borracho 
  • What we all really need, the last scene of the Silvermine Mountains
  • @Nectarpollution
    Thanks and Yes I'm still taking suggestions and I'm going to do as many as I see on here... its just taking me a while to make these while doing Ap homework (procrastination for the win), and wanting to add a bit more detail to the pictures. I'll get to yours next, then Toruk's.... I also decided not to do glam sharks(At least not in the next week or two) because I have no idea how to present it, and I wouldn't have much fun making it right now. Now I need to finish up Gwyneth which is going to take a few more hours.
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    Grand Paladin Order with Gywneth: Well I didn't want to just make gwyneth, so I wanted to just make the ending of the Grand Paladin Order where Gywneth has to clean up Clarks mess in a minute.

    I'll start either the silver mine mountains end, or Borracho next, and will probably be done in a few days then the other. Time to pass out now...
  • OH HELL YES THIS IS SO GOOD @TheGallantKnight
  • edited August 2017
    @Rob ;

    Happy birthday Rob and thanks for just being you. And sorry for this being rushed I didn't have much time to make this, well time to pass out now.
  • @Toruk
    Slivermine Mountains: Not my best work, but I don't have much time for polishing my art right now because of Ap courses taking most of my time but I hope you like it.

    I would still like more ideas what to draw be it people or scenes from urealms, and umm have a nice day. 
  • This is great still @TheGallantKnight ;

    hmm.. maybe for some more inspiration how about the time when Dendrick is overlooking Lunk in the Den of Devils while Lunk has the sword (which's name I forget) 
  • Its not exactly a reference or anything, but you did say anything URealms related... Sooo... An Elven thane in a black cloak summoning lightning down to his warhammer on a mountain top? If not that's ok too :smile: 
  • That being said.... Super awesome amazing work!! Cheers mate! Cheers!
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    Yeah, I can do that as well, and right now the list of priority for everything is Borracho, Dendrick is overlooking Lunk in the Den of Devils, and then your Elven character... This might take me a week or two to get to yours, depending on how my Ap courses go. (Also male or female elf, and any special attributes? )
  • @TheGallantKnight I was feeling more of like a distance epic shot, but male
  • @Nectarpollution
    Borracho : Kobold Kobold kobold, kobold... Kobold...(Translation: Sorry it took so long to come out, so I hope you like it.... Well have a good day.)

  • Of course I like it! He looks just like the badass Murder Bro we know and love
  • all I could suggest is a super anime version of your OC
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