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The Aging of Elves' Bodies

After looking back at some certain elves talking about their age and other things, like Xavius being """72""" in human years equivalent, I really would like to know, or at least hear some theories about how exactly Elves age. 

Does their physicality change with their age and just stop at a certain point when they get old or until they take silver to be younger?

Do they look like a kid for XX years, a teen for another XX years, and then an adult/aging adult for XXXX years/ rest of time?

Is it just normally like us but each stage of life is extended a huge amount of time?

Do they just stay young and beautiful for like 1000 years?



  • Elves age a lot slower than we do. They have the same stages of Child, Adolescent, Adult, Ageing.
     But one thing is that the Elven metabolism speeds up as age goes up. So Being old physically actually enhances their abilities in battles. I assume too much physical age like Wolster from the Grand paladin order, has dangers of health problems and getting tired, even though their magical abilities and physical strength is enhanced. 
    Before the birth of magic, it was impossible for elves to die back then, so I assume their physical forms will age to their adult age and stay like that forever. But now, Elves are able to die to ageing. 
    The Effect of Silver is that taking the silver decreases the physical age of the elf. So the Silver is the only way for Elves to stay immortal. 
  • We just got how the days work. Im sure ageing and which campaigns take place during X years in a couple seasons, but only for one race.
  • all years should be marked in pebble years
  • Elves are sort of "Reverse-Humans".
    Elves start off with very low endurance, strength, metabolism, etc. As they age however, this actually goes up. This explains characters like Virgo and Wolster Vemtari being so strong.

    Eventually, someone's metabolism gets so strong and fast that they die of... Probably a Heart Attack.

    My guess is that Silver is a sort of drug that actually manages to slow down an Elf's metabolism to the point where the body can recuperate. Given time, an Elf will look gorgeous again. But like all drugs, it has the side effect of "You can't lift the same weights you used to". You lose your strength.

    ...I wonder if Elf Doctors prescribe brands of Silver...
  • @Ninjathis I bet that the different dragon scales do different things. Golestandt being the dragon that technically is semi-responsible for some of the immortal ageless makes sense as the one that lets people live longer. Maybe scales of Ouro'ras give you a deeper connection to The Light. Vlaurunga's could make you super strong. Most likely they all just do the same thing, though. And I don't imagine any of the other dragons would ever let someone mine their scales anyway.
  • @Ninjathis the problem with that is then why does it work for none elves? cause Empussa was taking silver and it had the life prolonging effect on her
  • @noxumbre
    I'd say it works the same on all races via the physical level, and of course like real drugs, has different effects on people mentally, so Elves and Kobolds and etc all 'de-age' due to Silver Dragon Scales, but addiction/dependency can still happen. Another thing to point out is that a crazy amount of characters will reoccur, because if you remember "Chicken-head"; Salazar said he would look the other way if someone was lifting a couple of Dragon Scales meaning that every character that has not died may reoccur and anyone who has died can reappear before their death in the time line. We don't know exactly how much each Scale reverses, and if they'll develop a whole 'Raw Silver' (Like Orvan Wiess took by just snorting it) and 'Silver Potion Mixture' that they casually mentioned in the Silver Mines Mountain Campaign. (Rob didn't call it that, but that was his basic explanation) It would be an interesting story arc to go off of. Such as snorting it works, but it can put you into a coma or something by slowing your metabolism too much and the Elves' potion works as intended slowing it down only enough.

    I feel like I write too much.
  • @Kudikira I feel like the "Raw Silver" (Like Orvan Wiess, as you pointed out) is "Unrefined" making the effects less potent (effective) but when it's refined into the "Silver Potion Mixture" it's more efficient and de-ages them more or just tastes better.
  • Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Rob say many times before that time is irrelevant at least in the context of exact dates? Like when Justin said Jax was in the police for 30+ years and Rob said "No you've been on for a long time" or something?
  • @Reapor Yeah, our "years" aren't necessarily the same as URealms years and that. It just gives us a more relatable (in our life-span) term.
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