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Urealms Drinking Game

So last night I found myself re-watching and playing along with the Drunks and Dragons new years campaign (because what better way to spend a Saturday night with no plans than to watch nerdy internet shows?) and I thought to myself that it'd be great if there was a simple rule set that could be applied to any campaign to turn it into a drinking game.

I'm sure this has probably been done before and if you know of any other posts on the topic, please link me to them, but what are some of your suggestions for Urealms drinking game rules? Please also consider an optional "Deadbones Mode" for increased difficulty when making suggestions. 


  • Roman Rolls a 1.
    Justin betrays the party (accident or on purpose)
    Deadbones steals a conversation from coe
    Coe's internet breaks
    Rawb has to go to the bathroom
    Something bad happens to the donation software
    Rob retcons something for a joke
    Rob has to go to the bathroom a second time
    Background James/Jimmy
    Technical derpiculties that requires the expert help from Nisovin to fix
    Chat Riots for no reason
    Not all events get donated for (shot for every donation that didnt get donated for)
    A big donation event get filled multiple times over
  • I like those, but some would be difficult to remember. Things I like so far with modifications for my own memory:
    Someone rolls a 1: 1 Drink, 2 if it causes the loss of a body part, 3 for a death
    Someone rolls a 20: 2 Drinks to celebrate
    Someone rolls a 4: 1 Drink in honor of K4
    Justin betrays the party, even on accident: 1 Drink
    Technical difficulties of any kind, including someone forgetting to unmute mic: 1 Drink
    Someone talks over Coe: 1 Drink
    The name James or Jimmy is used: 1 Drink
    Rob yells at chat: 1 Drink
    An event doesn't get donated for: 1 Drink each
    A large donation event gets over donated for: 3 Drinks to celebrate
    Player character death: Finish your drink to mourn
    Roman Bearserks: 2 Drinks because it doubles damage
    Sex jokes: 1 Drink
    Anything especially hilarious happens: 2 Drinks, 4 if Rob can't believe he has to make it canon
    Deathroll: 1 Drink
    Dice reroll because it landed crooked: The difference between the 2 possible outcomes it could have been Drinks

    ANY OF THE ABOVE HAPPENS IN A TOWN: +1 Drink. It's the tax that gets you.

    Deadbones mode:
    Double all drinks from before
    A non-minion NPC dies: 1 Drink
    Anyone says the name of a Urealms playable race, including the word "Kobold": 1 Drink each
  • I didn't think anyone else drank along to the vods! I'm glad I'm not alone there, my friends and I do. Anyways, this is what we do. Whenever I mention shot, we typically sub them out for jager bombs.

    1) Pick a player. Whenever that player drinks, you drink. If they die, you take a shot.
    2) Whenever someone rolls a 1, take a shot.
    3) Whenever someone rolls a 20, take a drink.
    4) Whenever combat starts or finishes, take a drink.

    Just a few simple rules. If we aren't getting drunk enough, we start taking drinks every time anyone rolls.
  • anytime something goes wrong drink (rob side or a player fails their plan)
  • Normal Mode- The Standard
    Roll a 1: 
    Two drinks.
    Roll a 4: One drink.*
    Roll a 20: One drink.
    Major character/Non-Minion Dies: Two drinks.
    Legendary/Meta Card Earned: One drink.
    Tricks and/or No Tricks Mentioned: One drink.
    You die: Finish your drink.
    Healed stamina: One drink.**
    Combat has Started/Ended: Three drinks.
    Sexual/Explicit Events: Two drinks.
    Someone drinks something in the game: One drink.
    Forget name/accent/what is going on/etc: One drink.
    Someone Pees: One drink.

    Deadbones Mode- For Irish and Skilled Drinkers Only
    x2 Multiplier: Multiply each drink amount by two.
    Stay Conscious(IRL): Finish your drink.

    K4 MODE - Don't try alone.
    x4 Multiplier: Multiply each drink amount by four.
    Roll a 14: One drink.
    Roll a 4: Finish your drink.
    Any #4 shows up in the campaign: One drink.

    *If you prefer, Normal Mode may be enhanced by upgrading the "Roll a 4" rule by taking Four drinks instead of one.
    **Healed stamina could be something other than your beverage of choice, ideally something like Water, depending on your limits and what you like.

    Feel free to mix and match to your preference, and don't hurt yourself.
  • @ninjathis The rule about peeing is my favorite
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    How about drinking every time deadbones doesnt get to drink when he wants to.
  • Fuck my life mode
    Whenever "Romin", "Deadbones", "Justin", "Coe", or "Rob" is said: 1 Drink
  • Wizard Tine's Shitty Mode


    A player goes to the bathroom: 1 drink
    If a non-player rolls a 1: 1 drink
    A player rolls a 20: 1-3 drinks (1 if its an unnatural 20/crit, 2 if its a natural 20, and 3 if its a 20 on a legendary roll)
    Rob says something about the future of Urealms that may not happen: 1 drink

    Finnish Drinks

    Deadbones argues with rob: finish drink
    Rob says something about going to the bathroom: finish drink
    A player dies by bs: finish drink


    Some one brakes the game with a 20: 1 shot
    If a player rolls a 1: 1 shot
    A player dies: 1 shot
    A player kills them self in game: 1 shot

    Random Shit

    A player says they want to die irl: take a full glass of water... or a shot
    K4: do what ever you want why are you listening to this drinking list for a live stream you have the booze drink it as long as does not kill you
    If you have had to many booze: Puke (if needed), drink water (if you can), and keep upright and awake but if you have to sleep stay on your side. Or have a friend google it.
  • @SoliceEclipse
    Oh god, don't do the deadbone during the Sandbold campaign
  • @Dancorps13 yeah apparently you shouldn't do it during band of thieves either. It's when they introduced the Kobolds say Kobold thing and also they don't give the kobolds in the first combat names, just *color* kobold.
    Needless to say, I was unable to get through episode 1, and when I woke up it was on episode 6.
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    @Gterra2 ;
    "Chat Riots for no reason"

    you'd be dead before the stream starts
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