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Favorite Cheeses?

I had this weird one with like green herbs and stuff,  for a wedding shower that never happened. 


  • I like the spicy cheeses like pepper jack
  • Pepper jack, gouda, and havarti have got to be my favorites.
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    i´am in to Semi-hard or hard cheeses. like Cheddar Grana Padano and Gouda o yeah almost forgot Västerbotten cheese. thats a good one to
  • i usually just get down with some good ol' sharp cheddar
  • Pepper Jack for sure, also a fan of Brie.
  • I'd say sharp cheddar. Or blue if it's with anything cayenne-y
  • I love the many forms of Bleu cheese personally! The stronger and smellier the better!
  • Sharp white cheddar boi

     Alternatively actual Parmesan is the condensed version of umami
  • I personally like a good blend of Parmesan and Romano. Not much into cheese in general, but those two together make for an excellent pasta topper.
  • Provolone all the way
  • Västerbottens cheese, local cheese best cheese.
  • Pfff, most likely will say the name wrong, but Munster Cheese 
  • Feta, Bleu, Gouda, Cheddar, Pepperjack, can't go wrong with Parmesan...
  • @TaeyRurj those are also some really good cheeses. Only one I have not had is Gouda
  • surprised no one's said monterey jack yet. havarti and muenster are top notch, too. usually I just buy american though because I'm broke and it's cheap
  • @Fitzy I'm with you on the sharp cheddar, I could snack on that all day, except not really, cuz it'll be gone before the end of the day...
  • Red lester 
  • @Toruk I have it in October to celebrate the holiday.
  • @Ozoner Same here. I love Sharp Cheddar, plus I'm a big fan of Mozzarella and Swiss, especially together. My parents would joke with me as a kid about how I could easily be part mouse from how much cheese I ate. 
  • My favourite cheeses  is Jarlsberg but I also like Münster a lot. Mostly eat cheddar though.

  • A nice cheddar is top tier.  Pepperjack and mozzarella are also very high up there.
  • Cheese is like wine, You need to choose the right cheese for the right moment. For example i like to  have old amsterdam(cheese) for breakfast. and  use cheddar for homemade cheeseburgers. and cream cheese and brie on crackers and so forth.
  • Cheese is the best kind of cheese.

    .... Ok but really, give me some cheddar and I'm set. Make all the sammiches with it. Good times.
  • @Snonin I totally forgot about münster, holy hell yes
  • As a McDonalds employee, I gotta go with Elemental. Shits addicting af.
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    Y'all are lame. I shall shame you with my french cheeses.
    Here are my top 3 favorite kinds of cheese, with pictures. Hell yeah, cheese. In no particular order.

    1. Brie! Brie has a nice nutty, slightly sour flavor. My favorite way to eat it is with either raspberries or strawberries. With brie, you eat the rind. This is an amazing cheese, and it's named for the region of france that it's from: Brie!

    2. Comte! Comte is a semi-firm creamy cheese with a nutty flavor. My favorite way to eat it is with cold asparagus or non-alcoholic wine. It comes from eastern France and is super tasty. I highly recommend comte, it might be my favorite on this list.

    3. This is the lovely Bleu d'Auvergne. It's very sharp, but less so than normal bleu cheese. It has an almost buttery taste to it. I recommend it on either a salad or with french fries. Yes, that's right, french fries. I might be a francophile, but I'm not pretentious. If you still care about the geography of this, it comes from southern france.

    Eat more cheese, and if you're going to buy french cheese, look for the AOC label. Authentic French cheese has the Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée label. You can find more on that here. And for more information on French cheese, click here. Cheers!
  • @Snarky Is brie not From brie still brie (kinda like sparkling chardonnay vs Champaign). I do like brie quite a bit, can you recommend a cracker.
  • It's still the same taste, but it's not authentic. Also, I like Carr's Table Water Crackers :) @Vongeo
  • "With brie, you eat the rind."

    Welp @Snarky this is where we disagree. I know technically the rind is edible and many people do enjoy it, but I personally think the rind is bland and just not tasteful compared to the rest of the cheese. Also I haven't tried it on Raspberries or Strawberries, mostly just crackers, so I may have to give that a go haha

  • @TinyBomby
    What type of Brie have you had? depends on the type and if it's proper authentic Brie :D
    I recommend putting the raspberry or strawberry on top, with the cracker :)
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