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A New Theory on the Third Sin



  • @Phendrix Wait if it has to do with the letter L....
    Lola, Lunk, GaLen.
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    No no no. You got it all wrong
    Lola, Lunk, LaLen Lunsword or Laelstrom (One of the two)

  • @Phendrix In all seriousness (well as far as you can get with this show) I do think it was Galen. I dont believe he just resurrected 1 person. He resurrected 2. Heathera, and Gwenneths Baby. While the GLoH card says it can cause some unforeseen consequences. The Inhabitants of the Realm, well most of them, Wont see what they did wasnt fair. They think they did the right thing, by reviving someone, or were just lucky for what they think is going unconscious but coming back to life (side note i legit know a guy who died for 7 mins 12 seconds and came back to life, if anyone deserves a sin its him), but they just think its luck. But no. They cheated. They cheated the things most cant see. The Old Gods. Who give them an unforeseen consequence. A Sin of the Unforgotten. I think Maelstrom, instead of having a Sin, is a member of the Order of Chaos. That, or who says these are the only 3 sins in the realms ever? He could be someone who was part of the first set of 5, the 2nd set of 5, etc. Because what we know is "after 5 sins the next person to die experiences a fate worse then death" not everyone who dies after, just the next person. Like it resets after 5. 

    But still, i think its Galen, Lola, and Lunk, because iirc all of the sins have been on their wrists. Galen felt pain in his wrist, but Gwen doubled over, as if there was pain in her stomach, from something thats been dead for a while, but suddenly came back to life.

    Man when its 1:30 AM i write paragraphs. 
  • It could be the triggering of the "Kill Phanto" event. Reviewing the donation text it says:

    As an an old god, your enormous powers come at great expense to the people of this realm as you must constantly burn your mark into Characters to gain power over their world.

    Specifically noting the part about burning your mark into characters which is what happens when a sin of the unforgotten occurs. The donation event says that the birth of magic will occur no matter what, but by triggering this donation it will be as a result of our actions. I would be very surprised if this is not the third sin.
  • @sudox That is a good theory. And they wouldn't word it the way they did without referencing sins. I wonder who ended up getting the sin, though if this is correct. 
  • @Madiso Maybe Kallisto! For being the one who survived he received the sin.
  • I thought it was obvious. Phanto's eyes had a symbol that turned into a sin-like symbol after he died. y'all are overthinking this.
  • I mean, Rob said in the BTS for Senate that theres going to be a site listing all the Sins, so why do we even need to be discussing this? We can just wait for the site to come out and have our answers.
  • @pitpatgoblin you did read Greater Lay on Hands right? It says bringing back characters would have unexpected consequences. Getting a sin could be that consequence.... also Galen did grab his wrist after casting the spell while Gweneth grabbed her stomach i believe. Galen most likely has the sin while Gweneth has... other problems...
  • @TheAeronoksGS His eye turns into a crescent with a dot underneath, which isnt the sin symbol. Also i just played it through frame by frame on youtube (pause and press , or . to move back a frame or forward a frame) and it never changes to the actual sin symbol. At a fast glance it does look like it, but slowed down the lines never connect or form to make the Order of Chaos mark
  • @pyrokage I don't know why so many people think that the Greater Lay on hands brought her dead child back to life, the card says it resurrects recently dead, which her child, is not. At least 3 weeks or a month has passed since the silvermine mountains, which was after sunsword. That will defiantly not bring her child back. The video states that Galen grabs his arm, but Gwyneth falls to the ground, but implied that she is in immense pain, rather than grabbing her stomach. Sin happens when the old gods saves a character with their direct influence. Which Greater lay on hands, is a game mechanic. unexpected consequence part feels more like an RP opportunity description rather than a sin. 
  • @TheAeronoksGS That's a really good point. The card does say it may bring people back from the dead. I feel like the sins are more of a cheat thing, like cheating the game to revive a player who should have died under normal circumstances, rather than something like a spell.  
  • @Madiso but it is cheating the old gods from the death they desire. so many people didnt like the new death roll system because someone didnt die, yet Heathera did and got revived and i dont recal many complaints about that. We hunger for deaths in the show to make it entertaining to us, and if one is cheated we give a mark. Heathera cheated death because of Galen, and the old gods saw that and gave him a mark.
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    I was thinking Galen's and Gwenth's pain might have been caused of using a flashbackscroll in order to cast greater lay on hands. During the duration of the Grand Paladin Order maybe they were wearing something like lifelink or it might be the fact that they are siblings is why it affected both of them. I didn't even consider that it might be because of a sin. Though it would make more sense consider greaterlayonhands literally says that there may be consequences.
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