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What was the first video game you ever played?



  • The original Sonic the Hedgehog on the SEGA Genesis. Never got past the 3rd zone, though in fairness, my dad never made it past the 6th.
  • The first game I played was Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones for the Game Boy Advanced. My mother bought it at Goodwill for like 10$ back in like 2006. I vaguely remember barely knowing how to play it, but i loved it for some reason. Nowadays I play the series basically for the nostalgia feeling.
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    First thing I remember playing was Tetris on the Gameboy. I'm fairly certain that the first game I played would've been something on the original Gameboy. 
  • The first game I ever played was Croc: Legend of The Gobbos on PS1, I never managed to complete it though. I have so much nostalgia for the soundtrack, and I'm pretty sure I've heard Rob singing the main menu theme from that game: 
    But it might just be a similar song, I can't find a link to where he was singing it.
  • Hmm. There 5 games that come to mind when thinking about this for what it was (most are from the 64)
    Golden Eye, which is unlikely to be it, but I remember it the most.
    A sesame street game, that I can't remember anything about
    Mario 64
    Donkey Kong 64 (please remake Nintendo. I'm not even sure it good, I just want to play it again)
    And star wars: racer (64 one), which I remember that I was terrible at.

  • the first game I played was pokemon red borrowing my brother's gameboy
  • Ok this is going to super date me, but my first game was the original Super Mario Bros for the NES. My parent's got it for me when I was six and bought me three games to start, the Mario Bros/Duck Hunt combo, Tecmo Super Bowl, and some baseball game my Dad and Uncle played way more then me. I remember three of my favorites from the NES being Monster Party, Fester's Quest, and Final Fantasy I. 
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    First videogame- Either pokemon XD Gale of Darkness or Pokemon Diamond.
    First PC game- Minecraft, like most people my age.
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    i cant recall the name of the first one i ever played, it was some pixely 3d rpg-open world game where i kept trying to swim across the world border because i was convinced i could, the first i can remember is ghosts n goblins. I could never get past the ocean level, i still love this game to death
  • My first game I think was either Banjo Kazzoie or Pokemon Stadium.
  • @Viizko Such a good game.
  • Its possible that I played a game or two earlier than this, but the earliest game I can remember playing is Banjo Kazooie. To this day its still one of my favorite games!
  • it's hardly the first, as i'd played the space-pinball game, some top-down shooter game, and maybe pokemon snap, plus games on neopets long before, but for various reasons, my first "real" gaming experience would be "Battlezone 2, Combat Commander"

    Between awsome (for the time) 3d graphics and voice acting, scrypted cutscenes, and a unique FPSRTS gameplay on top of an interesting plot, everything just sort of fell into place for being one of the best video games of my early life.

    what really did it for me is that it was the first, and probably only time my dad was ever interested in the same video game as me. we both loved playing and talking about it, and we even started playing together on the multiplayer servers, we even fiddled around with mods for a little bit.

    eventually though age and time ended all that, and now it's just memories. they re-made the original battlezone on steam, so i'm crossing my fingers they will eventually do the same with battlezone 2, maybe we'll get some of that back again.
  • my first game-Runescape
  • Pokemon Red,  English isn't my first language, but despite that i had lots of fun with it (and learned English by trying to understand what all the npc's and stuff were saying)
  • Gonna have to think back a bit, but it was probably Microsoft Train Simulator 2000. Always played it with my dad on my old Windows 98 pc, that's a long time ago. :D
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    I think it was Crash bandicoot 2, tho I'm not certain. on a side note I just %100'ed it on my birthday  :)
  • I used to play ratchet & clank at my friends house
  • I was 5 years old and it was Pyjama Sam 2.
  • @Infinity_Storm First game was a Super Mario Bros game for the SNES
  • Mine was the Super Mario Bros. for the NES but i'm not sure i really played it? Cause i wasn't even 1 yet walking around it my walker and my dad handed me the controller and put it right in my mouth.
  • First game I played was Pokemon red, problem was that I didn't really have a grasp of language outside of my native tongue. So pokemon in french with insane trial and error
  • my first game was i think a Putt-Putt game, but the one that made me fall in love was a 40K Warhammer Space Marines.
  • Mine was Super Mario 64. I also had Kirby 64 and Pokemon Blue around that time.
  • Just remember I was addicted to Mario party on the PS2, I had a Wii growing up along with an Xbox and a PS2. The PS2 is the only thing that has never broken of all my consoles.
  • First game I remember playing when I was a little tot, was playing Mario Bros. on the NES
  • My first, and vary favorite game was Sly Cooper on the PS 2. My whole family would sit down and play it all together. 
  • The VERY FIRST video game I ever played was actually featured on Rob and Roamin's 2-Player. 

    Yup. Thomas the Tank Engine. I did essentially what Roamin was doing; playing the track game, making it as complicated as possible.

    Once I got older and bored with that, I played Super Mario Bros. 3 and Yoshi's Island. My mom was really good at both of them, and we would compete. I had pretty much all of the major SNES games growing up. Donkey Kong Country, Link to the Past, the works.

    Anything beyond that was Gamecube, for the most part. The Gamecube was amazing...
  • Age of empires and then what got ne into gaming was the first overlord game
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