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Who are you rooting for? The Skeleton King Bopen? The Grand Paladin Order? Or maybe someone else...



  • I'm rooting for Bopen, since he's a very interesting character, and a major source of Chaos in the Realm.
  • I want everyone to be ageless.
  • @Viizko Very in depth, I like it. Thanks for the input!
  • @Caprikel Wait a sec, you're the guy who won the divine decision lol. Anyway, yep, Bopen all the way for me. Thanks for the input!
  • @Coldfire4134 Straight to the point there. Thanks for the input!
  • I'm voting for Bopen for now just because I prefer the current characters on his side but in the end, the Order of Chaos is probably my favourite. 
  • I kind of hope that Phineas kills Bopen right as he is about to win, and then take over the whole world.
  • If you were to ask me this before Act 1 of Senate of Deadlantis I would have easily said GPO/Sunswords solely because I love the characters. But now there are so many amazing characters that have join Bopen that it's a super hard decision. I think I'd still want the living to win just because I want to see Gwenyth avenge her dad. I do like the idea that whichever side wins, it'll end up being a pyrrhic victory and something new will be born from the ashes. Either way, I'm super excited to see where this goes over the course of the next few campaigns!
  • I'm rooting for The Grand Paladin Bopen and the Skeleton King Order.
  • I want bopen to win... it may be because that he does not seem to be racist lol but maybe he is and i did not see it.
  • I don't care who wins, all I want to see is Golestandt to be restored to his previous self.
  • Team Phineas all the way.
  • I like them both, but I also want to see the elves get their asses kicked. The stinky goblins can rise up.
  • Im rooting for Bopen because of two reasons. 1. he is just an awesome, bad ass, character 2. I would like to see the opposite of an happy ending where most of the characters we known we in the GPO would succumb to the ageless. Also just because bopen wins doesn't mean everyone becomes ageless, it would to be fun to see a underground resistance to the ageless and to root for the underdogs in it. Right now it seems like bopen is the underdog compared to the order and I like a good underdog story
  • I'd like to see the GPO get almost completely wiped out by Bopen, who then goes right back to his piratey ways and leaves the rest of the living alone. Then what's left of the GPO can slowly build back up. I think that a more guerrilla style GPO after the war would be really fun and interesting 
  • @ShadowPoow There are a lot of interesting characters. Thanks for the input!
  • @Blaidd_Golau_ That would certainly be a plot twist. Thanks for the input!
  • @RedDashLion Yes, no matter what I am just excited for a great story and more campaigns. Thanks for the input!
  • @Deified Two for one deal there. Thanks for the input!
  • @Tinethewizard He kills without mercy my friend. Thanks for the input!
  • @Helium Team Phineas is really pulling through in this thread haha. Thanks for the input!
  • @HoneySun Another wildcard emerges! The stinky gobbos! Thanks for the input!
  • @YitableYapper8 Yes, indeed. I think the same thing, even if Bopen 'wins' like that, there would probably still be people who aren't ageless. Thanks for the input!
  • @Friday They probably wouldn't be able to send out many more Jimmies after getting hurt like that. Thanks for the input!
  • Goblins. Because their story encases the most suffering and has the most potential for amazing storytelling.
  • I want Nisovin to just watch the 2 sides fight
  • @StealthInel Indeed, it does have a lot of potential. Thanks for the input!
  • @Phendrix Nisovin probably will anyway! So look forward to it I guess? Thanks for the input!
  • @Phendrix more like Nisovins I would think, but then again, since there are multiple Nisovins(which I guess may not be confirmed since Rob only said this in Bts I think) they might think slightly differently due to their own unique experiences (again not confirmable since little is known about how believers behave). If that's the case, maybe Nisovins would be joining both sides of the fight, which would be quite interesting to see a Nisovin vs Nisovin deathmatch.
  • @NeroFireKick Almost forgot about believers! That would be cool if that happened.
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