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After yesterday's behind the scenes, I think I may have figured out what Bopen is and his goal.

Bopen is a creature that siphons the power of the Old Gods and his ultimate goal is to remove the influence of the old gods by controlling all the power. 

Now you may be thinking, Thall thats crazy?! Why would you think that?

Well its simple. Bopen the Skeleton King arrived around the same time that the idea of money literally being power was introduced, and in nearly every appearance of Bopen he lusts for gold. Bopen was most likely created by the Gods of Urealms as a response to us, the Old Gods, in order to prevent an event like the Birth of Magic. 

First, I need to explain how another event could happen. 
Money is power in URealms and it literally magic. We, the Old Gods, influence the world through our donations which is a large amount of money. When we pump money into the world, more things happen and that power has to go somewhere. As we saw in the last campaign, our power killed Phanto turning it to stone and the power it held back flooded into the world causing magic to overflow from people. Phanto was the first siphon of our power, and when we killed him it unleashed us upon the Realm. If there is no other siphon, or a place to contain the raw power we dump into the Realm, the Realm could experience an event akin to the birth of magic. 

Next, what evidence is there that the power Bopen has is from us?
Well, look back to Bopens first appearance in canon. Bopen first appeared in the Fall of Dundenborrow as a bed time story and then as the monster that ended the families life. The Prince has a sword made entirely out of Gold, and loves the story of Bopen the skeleton king. Then, we see the vault of Gold become sentient not long after the sword is introduce, the golem even gaining the ability to speak in a cryptic way. The same purpley glow that Rob describes there appears every time Bopen does, and the sword appears as well. This is the power of Gold, the power that we introduced to the world with the birth of magic. Bopen is created out of the dreams of the prince and the immense amount of power that was stored in the vault, maybe even with the influence of a Divine. Bopen now hunts for gold, and desires to kill. Seemingly insane and totally evil. The insane qualities possessed by Bopen are similar to Maelstrom, who we see is driven completely mad by the Sin of the Unforgotten he gained at some point of his life. As the only character we have met who harbors a sin and has appeared after getting it he is our only true source on what it does. It clearly drives him insane with power and makes him lose empathy for the lives of others. A trait also seen in Bopen. 

What is Bopen's Ultimate Goal?
This is the part where it gets a little hard to explain. I think that Bopen's ultimate goal is to control all of the power in the world, removing the influence of the Old Gods permanently. How could that be possible? Well, the only way would be if Bopen had a way to collect all the money in the Realm, and thanks to The Senate of Deadlantis we know how he plans to do that. Bopens plan is to make the Ageless believe that he is an Ageless God and then lead them on a war against the living with the ultimate goal of turning the Realm Ageless. Once the entire Realm is Ageless, and Bopen is their god he can convince them to give up their magic and take it all for himself. If he claimed all the power that we gave the World in the Birth of Magic AND made it so no one could die again, he would undo everything we have done. This doesn't make Bopen Evil. This takes this seemingly black and white evil cackling villain and gives him a motivation that ultimately would benefit the Realm. Reset the Birth of Magic, and save the Realm from the Old Gods grasp. 

TLDR: Bopen is actually a good guy cause he is taking the evil magic that lets us control the world of URealms and will ultimately stop our influence in the show by containing all the magic. O and the magic is Bopen, not the sword or the crown or a ring. Its the Magic cloud.


  • Interesting theory. I like the idea of Bopen naturally arising as a reaction to the influence we have on the realm :o
  •  Interesting theory. Lets wait for s4 campaigne 6 for the answer.
  • This is a really cool theory! But I wonder why he's building up his ageless crew then. 
  • @Coconut if your going by this theory he is doing that so he may get more gold and make more people ageless.
  • Exactly! The crew gives up their lives to their captain and it helps build his fanatic worshipers/army. @Tinethewizard
  • That could explain the killing of McCoy, as the tentacle arm is  representative of our power if it was a donation(i don't remember) but it is at least representative of that bemoth power which jakelad thought was a god
  • But... We existed and influenced the world before the Birth of Magic. There's also the missing time between the Birth of Magic and Bopen's appearance to Deadlantis, and why would the Gods (which is pretty much just Kallisto now) wait so long and then choose a being like Bopen to counter us and cause a royal family created by the Divines/Aspects (I can't remember who exactly created 'em) who came from Kallisto (and Phanto)? It seems pretty contradictory, unless Bopen did a Sargeras (from the Warcraft universe) and got corrupted while he tried to get rid of us.
  • I wonder if Rob ever has these complicated plans, but someone makes a fun theory that he likes, and changes the entire plan as a result.
  • I think that Bopen is/was supposed to be Zanaria's child. Basically, Bopen is "godlike" because he is the child of a dragon aspect and an elf. Birth is a weird topic with ageless, no lore has been confirmed about it, and I think that the soul (or whatever Urealms equivalent is) of the baby is Bopen. I don't have any real proof of this except my own gut feelings with all the stuff about "you can't be a god unless you are the child of a god" and Goldestant magically impregnanting Zanaria... I'm not sure, any thoughts?
  • You say that our power as old gods causes the death of Phanto but unless I'm mistaken wasn't it the beanu's fault that Phanto dies? A ghost beanu herself says that their race caused the birth of magic in the Unexpected Discovery campaign. 
  • @Morphine That was the belief at first, but it was in the most recent campaign, the Old Gods caused the death. In the BTS, Rob said to never believe a character for fact and lore, and he explained that while both things could have caused it, we won't know until a further campaign where it is completely explained.
  • This is a really good theory considering we couldn't even spend money for virgo to win in S2 finale, unlike the murder bros.
  • @UnluckyBimi Exactly, like I briefly stated the first person to contain the power was the sun god Phanto. It killed him. Bopen was most likely created by us and not a god, but he decided to try and defeat us. (I think Bopen is the magic from the vault in Dudnenborrow. Which WE made sentient, allowing it to even talk.)
  • @Kasey While that is something I considered, but I thought if Bopens 'Mom' was in the same room as him like Zanaria was at the end of Senate of Deadlantis, he would have at least called out to her, or done something to acknowledge his mom. The child was never born, or rather it was a still born. Those were Robs words, or at least close.
  • @Azurillkirby I think he and deadbones could come up with something like this after deciding that Money=Power and the Viewers=Actual Gods of the world we watch.
  • @Jalku Thanks for the kind words! I didnt put this in the theory as I didn't have time to check but I think that there has never been a donation that actively hurt Bopen. There were events in Skeleton King that attacked his crew but nothing hurting him.
  • @Thall You say that, but we've controlled his path once already yet he didn't mention it. You're right about the baby being a stillborn, though, that is what Rob/Deadbones said at the time of the Critical Failure Impregnation. - I highly doubt we created him though, as we'd sort-of be told or at least highly hinted at. - I think he's just Nader, since a lot points to that.
  • He wouldnt call out to her if he didn't know she was his mom. I thought that her baby would be a still born in that the child's body wouldn't survive, but maybe the soul would. Hence, Bopen would not know that Zanaria is his mom. The situation with her kid being Bopen can realistically be retconned. Also, Bopen could have arisen naturally to combat the birth of magic as the soul of Zanaria's child and the pain she and the whole realm felt at the time. Idk, I might be kinda twisting some stuff. The biggest problem I have with your theory is that there is no real connection between any god and a child except for Goldestant's interference at the party. Your theory is really good and interesting, and I really like it though!
  • @Kasey ;"no real connection between any god and a child" Err... I think people are forgetting about Golestandt's daughter, Layla, who was technically Queen of the Elves.
  • @Kasey that is true, but at least deadbones' hella sad character wouldn't still be hella sad if her kid survived, and was there right?
  • edited July 2017
    @UnluckyBimi oh duh you're right! :) That actually kinda convinces me even more because Goldestant failed and Zanaria had a still born (or something) that could become a "god" aka Bopen

    Also I'm guessing that her child "died," as in the physical form of her child. Of course, there's zero proof of this, but I really like the idea of it, and I think that it would fit well in your theory. A dragon aspect that was turned into a mindless beast because of the old gods creates the protector of the realm.  >_<
  • So how funny would it be if there was no real plan for Bopen and Rob just wanted to see our theories, gauge reactions, and is taking notes on all of these theories?
  • @Kasey I doubt Bopen is Zanaria's child, and we're not actually the cause of Golestandt's madness (sure, we kinda caused it... or so we're told) at least it's not confirmed if we are or not. We're told Golestandt went mad due to the death of Phanto, but that might not be true. 
  • hey. if even half of this is right then I will be super happy! @Insane2201
  • I'd love it if this were true. So ... now we have to kill Bopen?
  • @UnluckyBimi true, I don't think we have enough information and lore to really piece everything together definitively. I'm just excited to see exactly what Bopen is and how he came to be  :p
  • Absolutely, but there doesn't seem anyway we can do it directly. So we need to support the Sunswords and the GPO in their war on the Ageless, no matter how bad that could be. @GemLivesMatter
  • This is a theory I can get behind. Excellent.
  • I still think the ring theory makes more sense
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