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Hello Europe

Hello European viewers,
Last season i watch until 1 am cest and watch the rest of the show on YouTube or twitch the next day. But since the divine decision have been introduced in s3 i have watch the show untill the end. So i was wondering how other European viewers watch the show. Did you only watch it on YouTube? Do you now also watch the full live show live? or Do you still watch partially the live show? and so yes when do you stop with watching?

By the way comment where you are from, so i got a idea how many european fans there are and it make it easier to find player when i am going to host a game in the future. (I am from the Netherlands :) )


  • Netherlands boi. Wholely depends on my planning that weekend. Sometimes I can't watch it live, sometimes partially, and sometimes I can sit through the whole thing.
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    I watch it live nowadays just to be able to vote on the divine decision. Tbh would i like the divine decisions to be earlier in the shows since they are so late do i feel like i might as well stay up to to finish watching it until 3:30 am.
    After 1:30 am does it start to feel like i have to stay up to vote rather than i want to watch the show, but it's the only way to vote currently.

    Ps, greetings fellow dutch man.
  • I'm from the UK, and I tend to watch the whole show live unless I get too tired then it's partial.
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    Before I watched till like 12am, but in s3 first show till the end I managed. But the second I fall asleep before the DD.I had a full day before that. 
    I do plan to watch the while shows if the sandman dont take me in the dreamworld.

    BUt either way I always watched the whole thing on YT again anyway because I freaking enjoy it way too much.
  • Greetings from Bulgaria ( 'v')/
    I'm a night owl so It's easy for me to catch the shows, but uni reaaaaly screws with my schedule.
  • i watch the stream until it ends, or untill i pass out. i also watch it over again on youtube because i enjoy urealms so much.
    (btw im from the netherlands)
  • I watch the stream(s) from the start, roughly, 'til the end unless my internet dies mid-way through since I'm on a small island (in Scotland). If I get too tired, or miss parts, I'll go to youtube to catch the parts I miss. However, I do prefer being there all the time, if not just the end, so I can jump in on the Divine Decisions so that I can feel more involved even if my choice isn't what ends up being picked.
  • Eastern European here, I usually pull an all-nighter and hope that I don't have work in the morning.
    (The fact that Rob didn't release a schedule for this season makes it pretty tough to plan ahead  :\ )
  • Belgium, I watch most of the show live in the holidays.
    And on school weekends I watch on watch half of it and the rest on the twitch VOD.
  • England, and I leave after the decision 
  • Dutch boi here: I almost always stay up and watch the entire thing live. but then again, I sometimes stay up to 3 am anyway watching justin or DB stream, so..
  • Portugal here. I've watched every show completely live, it's no big deal for me since during the Summer I almost always stay up till 5 am anyways 
  • uk: i generally watch all the way through live but if i'm tired i just stay up until the divine decision and then go to sleep this dose kind of suck though as then all the build up to the final fight is kind of gone.
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    wow i didn't expect so much dutch peoples.
    @lord1agames Dutch speaking part or the French speaking part of Belgium?
    @UnluckyBimi i hope your internet don't dies next campaigne.
    @ClaymoreHouston But when summer is over, do you still watch it till the end?
    @JAKofJX i know how that is but still i watch untill the end because i am pompt with adrenaline by the divine decision.
    @Simona next campaigne new change to stay awake till Divine Decision.

  • @Spacewalker Dutch speaking part.
  • BritBoi here.
    I like to watch the show till the end, starting with some dominos pizza and ending with drinking coke throughout.

    Luckily it's late and I've done all college stuff beforehand so I can forcus on the show.
    Plus as a computer science student, hearing people saying they're tired at 2am is adorable.
  • @OldFredBear Heh. Nice to see somebody in pretty much the same as me, minus the internet being bi-polar based on whether or not I have random snow freak-storms or a sheep eating wires.
  • I´m from Denmark. I try to watch the show live if possible, but sometimes I can´t because I'm studying for my education. 
  • Swede here! I only catched gllimpses of s2, but seen all(both) s3 shows so far, and planning to catch every future one as long I'm free.
  • Ireland: Stay up till the very end for season 3 but stayed up for half of season 2
  • i try to watch the whole stream but usually fall asleep and have to rewatch the last hour or so on youtube or the twichvod. at least made it to every Divine Decision. last stream i drank 2liter of cola and 1 liter of energy drink >.< still wasnt enough guess ill add a pot of coffee next time :smilebold: 
    i'm from germany
  • @Spacewalker Yeah, while I don't usually stay up as late I gotta watch URealms
  • im from england and ive watched near enough all live only one i didnt see was The Senate of Deadlantis due to i was on a horse racing trip and a booze up afterwards
    if the internet was good where i was i would have tuned in but im glad rawb and haunter post em on youtube :3
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    @kekskerl maybe next time set a alarm clock :)
    @Stara now with the preview on Monday i can just plan my homework around it, so i am free on saterday to watch urealms.

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