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Kiko's Kreations

imageSo I thought I would jump on the band wagon of posting art, so here goes (The original characters in this are from my campaigns): Flugo the Porc
 At this point I switched art programs. (Did switch back eventually, as evidently shown by the last one.

Paula (A big bad)

Most recent. Literally. I just finished this like yesterday. Gadile.


  • These are some cute Drawings :dank: 
  • These are great! You really got a good feel for the Urealms art style here, looks pretty close!
  • I really enjoy all of your work with the clothing of each character! ~_~
  • Oh i recognize some of these! Didn't know (or didn't remember oops) you did them. Can't wait to see more from you!
  •  Finished this boi yesterday. I'm going to try my best and update this thread frequently.

    Pete 'Disaster' Black, PC character
  • ooooh I really like your Kinny
  • @Kiko that's one cool PC!
  • Very cool :)
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    @Kerenhb (The Player) 

    Also, for anyone who might come back to this thread, I'm open to drawing Urealms PC, NPC, or just plain OC characters. Sometimes they might be doodles, other times lineart, and then other times still I might go the full mile with coloring and shading (All for free!)
  • You're art is spectacular! :D
  • It just hit me that I haven't put anything here for a while, so here you go. I've improved a bit.

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    Murder Bross. \

  • These are amazing! Man, I wish I could art!  :)
  • Wow, quite quite nice! <3
  • These are fantastic. Would you mind if I used your black boar art for a in-game tile?
  • @Cloud Oh, go right ahead!
  • @Kiko Thanks ^_^ It's really well done.
  • these are wonderful! keep it up!
  • Pretty awesome looking stuff here

  • From now on, most of the stuff I put here will be character art for campaigns, as I'm really starting to like the style I've developed. 
  • My friends love the black boar tile :) 
  • @Cloud glad to hear it! Say, if you want any like, character tile or even standard race tile done like the blackboar, just pm me and I'll do them for you. I've gotten a bit of free time lately.
  •  some more improvement. I feel like I just keep drawing romulus. jo is new though.
  • Man kiko seeing you approve is really rad, you've gotten a bunch better at drawing them kobold noses! as well as you anatomy in general! great work, can't wait so see how else you improve! :)
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     (this looks kinda small but I really liked this relationship. real good.) danni and vannesa   ;)

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