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You are give unlimited use of every spell to exist (Even legionaries) for one day, What Do You Do?

I have no clue yet, it's 1:30am and I just thought of this nifty question, I'll sleep on it and edit this post in the morning.


  • Does this include creation magic? cause ohhh boy the amount of kinky stuff that I would do with that kind of power.
  • greaterpyroblast an infinite amount of times on the sun. Goodbye, Kallisto!
  • Make money. All the money. Convert this unlimited amount of magic into pure cash moolah and retire to a comfortable island cabana near the Dingo Isle
  • Step 1: Create as much gold as I want.
    Step 2: Go hire the other best mages anywhere.
    Step 3: Climb the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry.
    Step 4: ????
    Step 5: Profit
  • id grow a beard
  • I'd grow a beard and then shave it, with magic. And get hella gold and upgrade my computer
  • Lascene infinite day
  • Just spam siggneeos and greaterpyroblast at everything. also throw on opticalillusions for good measure

    And YOU get a greater pyroblast! AND YOU get a greater pyroblast! Everyone get's a greater pyroblast!

    By the end of the day i would've killed basically every divine being, at least half of the dragon aspects and cast so much fire that the realms are closer to being just 1 giant fireball than anything living. Everything is just dead.
  • Step 1: Conjure Fortune
    Step 2: Conjure Fortune
    Step 3: Conjure Fortune
    Step 4: Conjure Fortune
    Step 5: Spell of Bearding
  • Sandbold time stopping magic
    i will have fulcontrol of everything forever
  • Wormhole the everloving shit out of Bopen
  • Creation magic so every day can be like this, and call myself a divine. Bam!
  • I would...teleport bread. 

  • id cast reborn on bopen IM NOW BOPEN

  • Medusa. I am King now. Everyone shall love me and despair.
  • I pyroblast everyone and claim that if I don't become ruler of the world I will unleash my power again. They don't know I only that ability for a day...
  • One day? Uhh... Lascenes EVERYWHERE! And start spamming conjure fortune in my force-pillar-made fortress... maybe also go and take all of the legendary items from people while they are lascened... capture a believer soul and put it in a book about a captured divine who eventually grows to love it's master... become immortal... the usual.
  • Lascene, magician hat
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