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3 Sins?

In bts rob mentioned the three sins, and maybe i'm just dumb, but idk what they are. Like at all.


  • Lunk, The girl from the academy. And probably Galen when he used Greater Lay on Hands to res people.
  • Well, one happened to Lunk, and brought him back to life in Den of Devils, another in Okagnoma Guild Hall, and I think the last one was Galen reviving Hethera Stonemason in Grand Paladin Order.
  • You sure it isn't malestrom? Maybe I'm confusing lore but isn't he a sin of the unforgotten?
  • @Javo he did have the mark on his eye patch in S2 C10.
  • Just a thought, but wouldn't killing Phanto be a sin?
  • maybe it also had a mark on his eye

  • Do we know if the sins are related to the Order of Chaos? I can't quite remember what Rob said about them.
  • @Galeden I do remember this happening  clear in my mind but everytime i watch his animation I don't see it. Am I going crazy or just missing something
  • I think it's more likely Maelstrom then Galen because both Galen and Gwenyth were hurt in GPO, Maelstrom clearly has some red mark on his eye, can sense us watching the show and it makes more sense meta wise because Rob could've planned that more than Galen resurrecting someone. 
  • From Maelstrom's speech in Skeleton King, I'd say it is a safe bet he has one
  • @Mega_muncher Galen was hurt on his wrist, which is typical of getting a Sin. Gwyneth doubled over in pain, but Rob never said where the pain was emanating from.

    I'm still of the opinion that the Greater Lay on Hands revived her baby as well. Rob said characters, despite only reviving Heathera. Sure there may have been alot of time between campaigns, but it was off a donation event and we've seen some crazy stuff happen from events to help further along stories.
  • I have a really bad memory, but i think i remember something about rerolling something during the senate of deadlantis? I doubt that is actually it, but rerolling outcomes has been shown to be a sin
  • @burningblizzard I don't agree with the dead baby theory because Gwenyth got stabbed in the stomach which killed it and I hardly think she has been walking around for a long time with a dead baby inside her. I will be shocked if it lives.
  • I think Rob made a counting mistake(as usual), but I could be wrong. I count five: One for Maelstrom(though It's not officially confirmed), one for Lunk, one for Lola(Okagnoma Guild Hall), Galen Sunsword(though it may be applied to Hethera Stonemason), and us killing Phanto.
  • @Mega_muncher It's a really out there theory, but it's definitely up Rob's alley. Like I said, sure she probably doesn't have the baby in her anymore, but this was a spell brought to you by the Old Gods, so who knows what it really caused outside of the obvious.
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    Found the moment @madiso you were not imagining it. EDIT: timestamp not working properly so just go to 28:09
  • @Galeden oh ok i always assumed that was just his gem glowing but it could also be in relation to a sin he got. 
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