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  • Hiya! How ya'll doin? Name's Ninko, or Ninko the Sage and I'm here to support this show and community! Hope to make some new buds, draw fanart and play some fun games!
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    Hiya :) I am Xandat/Xanderdakka, I have been here since they aired the first ever campaign, although I wasn't a huge fan at first, but after the next few campaigns, I became entirely invested. I watched every campaign I could and obviously went back and watched all Rawbs content ::heart:

    lthough the timing for Britain is messed up to watch every campaign I will try to get that sweet sweet EXP... I have also gmed multiple campaigns on tabletop, and also played just as many.  Looking forward to the next season and meeting everyone ::evilsmile: 
  • Hi I'm Vakhanss or Vak for short. I've been watching Rob's content since the playmindcrack days. Nice to meet you all.
  • Hiya all, I'm Alteiriaa! I'm good at lurking and have been around since... uhhh, Etho doing DvZ? I think? It's been a long time. :oh:
    I will lurk alot around here too probably, perhaps sometimes dropping my cruddy, cruddy fanarts here and there, who knows? :smile: 
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    Hey I'm Pyrotrap, which comes from typically aligning myself with the element of fire in game and from the first part of the Pokemon Trapinch because I had gone through a phase at some point were I was feeling insecure about having a Pokemon in my online username.  Nowadays I just keep it Pyrotrap because I think it sounds nicer.

    I remember watching some of Rob's stuff back when Etho played DvZ with him, but I don't think I subbed until he played the Garry's Mod games with the Buffalo Wizards (namely Coe who I was already subbed to).  I think he probably had the second best perspective to watch for those things, after Coe who was always up to something silly, and not to mention wanting to see how Haunter was gonna listen to Rob and the other guys when they told him to do something.

    I actually don't think I watched Urealms until around the 4th campaign of season 1 when I had a lot of free time and was looking for something to watch so I checked out the 1st campaign (because I typically hate not starting at the first episode of anything).  After I caught up with the campaigns, I went back and watched Nuren and Drunks and Dragons, and then (im)patiently waited for more content.
  • Good day! I'm Skaer, also known as bat, also known as a shit ton of other things but those are the main two.
  • Hi, Im Airommet but my friends call me Airo. I found rob on a random flash site when he was still doing Urealms Classic. 19+4 that means I score
  • Hello! I am Theoran, been watching Rob since the old DvZ days and was introduced to him through PauseunPause
  • Hello, I Am A Traitor. I found DvZ a while ago and have been lurking for the most part. I have been watching URealms from the start and been super hyped for this season. I GM URealms with my friends. I have made plenty of silly maps and cards. 
  • Good day ladies and gents, Magus here. Kinda a silly pointed name really as my go-to class for Urealms is Thane  ~_~     

    I've done one or two campaigns with friends over the years so I have somewhat a DM experiance but that was back during the early campaigns of Season 2, can't wait to give the new systems and improvements a good try! 

    Praise unto Orvan.
  • Hello! I am Reester, Ryster or LordReester (yes i have a few names) and I am super into URealms, but I've been watching Rob for awhile (cant remember where I started). I primarily lurk, so don't expect to see me a lot, except in the URealms LfP thread. Have a good day :)
  • Hello! I'm Hdilie. I never really know what to say in these types of threads but I wanted to just say Hi! I'm very excited for season 3 with all the new stuff it will introduce and the new characters I can attempt to draw. I've only been on the forums for about an hour but I'm loving them so far! <3  :)
  • I'm AwesomeName7. AwesomeName7 on here, reddit, Youtube, and DvZ/LoM. Been following Rob since his UHC. I'm an on and off commenter.
  • Hiya, I'm Blast_Burn.
    I like Tabletop RPGS, pokemon, and long walks on the beach.
    you may know me as a mod on Millbee's Twitch chat. I shall now pimp that chat out, it's a fun stream
    I think that is all, nananana, something something, random words. :o
  • Hey, I'm Sember, been a long time lurker and t-shirt connoisseur, hyped for the new website and to finally get into the community  :) Never played D&d or anything of the sort but i'm extremely interested in getting into some Urealms campaigns. 
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    G'afternoon, I am Jack'o'Flames. I am 24 years old, swedish, autistic(AS) with dyslexia, at least I am pretty sure I still have it. I've been a fan of Urealms (as in the game) ever since the Nuren campaign, and I am currently in the process of making my Season 2 custom cards into S3 friendly ones. I've both been GMing the game and being a player, enjoying both of them a fair bit. If you're cool like the guy above me, hopefully I'll see you around! :3
  • I'm JackofKnights. I'm usually a bit of a lurker, but I've been a huge fan of URLive since I found Rob's channel two years ago or something like that.
  • Hiya, im Tesla. Long time stalker and lurker of Robs channels (10 years). Big on RP and D&D but not GMing, interested in making campaigns for players and GMs more than anything. 
  • I'm thenerdatschool, I'm just here to watch some cool internet games!
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    Hi I am Hell (or Cyna) and I found Rob randomly back slightly before the PML. I always lurked and didn't talk because I didn't own Minecraft at the time, but I later played some stream DVZ games and then Brucesgym. now I am just some derp who plays League and DND and I do art from time to time. I am xHellhoundssx on pretty much everything. I have been GM-ing Urealms games in my group for awhile now and while I am not the best I understand what I am doing. I look forward to talking and Theory-ing with everyone! ^.^
  • I'm Bob Wombat, small amount of people might remember DatDerpGuy which used to be username for basically everything. Been a long time fan since the near beginning of DvZ.
    Looking forward to discussing URealms with you all!
  • Hello, I'm Spral, Knight in Training!  :smileporc:
    I'm a Youtube lurker, and usually can never catch the Live Shows. I was introduced to URealms through Coe, and loved it since! I've printed most of the S2 cards and GMed a game IRL with my group of friends, and they loved it too! In fact, because of that campaign, one of my friends is making his own style of the game in which he asked me to help him create it! 
    I also love potatoes. 
  • Hey, I'm Scaraban. I've been around for a while, will probably never post again until the next new forum.
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    Hynkka here, hi. It's my real life nickname and unique enough that I can always use it. Almost. Been following Rob through DvZ way before the chests were removed. I still can't stand the noise they make.
  • Hey! I'm Zultak, been around since old DvZ videos. I love all of Rob's content, and often go back to binge watch unforgotten realms or old campaigns. I'm looking forward to playing in community games and leveling up with the show (let's be honest who doesn't love some good ol' level progression). Sometimes lurk in youtube comments with the name Dylan, people may or may not recognize me; nevertheless, it's gonna be amazing to meet and talk to all the new friends on the forum.
  • I'm Crow. I'm a quiet boi. 
    I do art sometimes, hit me up if you want something drawn.
  • Shadowcloner, went by Shadowclonier on reddit. I just usually stay quiet, but I'll probably be popping in every so often. Been watching since Nuren.
  • Nice to meet ya, I'm Lade. Originally found Rob by stumbleing upon his DvZ videos, stuck around because I enjoyed all the other content he's made. Odds are i'll spend alot of time just lurking around the forms, though I'll probably poke my head out of the shadows once in a while.
  • Hey, names Anubis. I have been a long-time silent supporter of Rob for several years now. I started watching Rob back when he was streaming Pokemon and DvZ. However, I'm super excited for these forums and for the chance to interact with everyone from the community more than ever before.
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    Hi I'm TopHatDuck, most people call me Duckie. I've been watching Coe since the first Coe's quest and stumbled onto Urealms when they did the nonsense livestream with Egoraptor. My schedules completely erratic right now. So I can't guarantee my attendance every campaign, but I'll try to make it as often as I can. :p
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