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"That Thing Happens"

This is your spoiler alert. You have been warned.

So during the Behind the Scenes from today, Rob referenced that "That Thing Happens" in season 4 episode 6. Clearly this is searingly important, and not just a running gag about naming times in the distant future that may never happen. So now we need to figure out what "That Thing" is.
So, here is my theory:
Season 4 Episode 6 will be the 36th episode of the show.
36 will also be the age of Justin during season 4 (definitely 100% factual).
Therefore, "That Thing" will definitely be the event where we find out why everyone shits on Justin all the time.

So what are your theories? Is this logic just not convoluted enough? Does the Illuminati need to be involved? Am I going to be really confused in two years time, when someone digs this thread up and starts spamming me about what happened in Season 4 Episode 6? Tell me all about it!


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