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The Senate of Deadlantis - Behind the Scenes

Let the Discussion begin


  • Hype! 
  • I know that Rob mentioned that the YouTube audience may not have seen the donation events, so I just wanted to you guys know that we have almost all the donation events documented on this page. Enjoy!
  • Maybe it's just because I'm a youtube viewer and I can't read what the events do, but it's never even crossed my mind to be upset at someone donating for an event.
  • "When the 15th grand paladin meets this character and everyone is like 'WHOA THEY WERE DATING!'"

    Rob's joking but this will actually be my reaction if Ladrian and Gwyneth meet during the Ageless war.
  • Anyone wanna talk about that third sin of the unforgotten that seems pretty dang important. Also the fact that one of the legendaries had the ability to give a sin of the unforgotten... That would've made 4. And at 5 something cool happens right?
  • Rawb likes making us feel things :rawb: 
  • I loved the moment he says there are only 5 months left in the year XD
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